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ArcInTexETN is a research project funded by the European Union connecting architecture, interaction design and textiles for more sustainable forms of future living.

The ArcInTexETN training network opens up a new cross-disciplinary arena for research, education, and development projects by addressing a fundamental research challenge, i.e. experimentally exploring how new ways of more sustainable ways of living can be expressed, within a very broad cross-disciplinary context; linked together by a strong, common driving force, i.e. textile thinking for adaptation and responsiveness, the ESRs participating in the programme will receive training in the context of crossdisciplinary, cutting-edge research and access to a broad network for the development of research within the areas of the ETN.  

The consortium consists of the following six leading design schools and two companies: Royal College of Art, Heriot-Watt University, Eindhoven University of Technology, Vilnius Academy of Arts, The Berlin University of the Arts, The Swedish School of Textiles at the University of Borås, Philips Electronics Netherlands B.V. and Svensson AB. The supervisors and PhD students involved are all top-researchers from across the world with many interesting and outgoing personalities that will be interesting to follow during the project.

There are 15 PhD students within the ArcInTexETN project. During 36 months, from September 2015, their research will connect architecture and textiles through design. They will learn, develop and test new techniques and materials in order to find new insights about our future living.

Vilnius Academy of Arts PhD students

Sara Lundberg

Justė Pečiulytė


Work Package 2 PhD Students' Secondment at Vilnius Academy of Arts 22nd of August - 3rd of December 2016


31st of August‒30th of September five Ph.D. students - Iva Resetar, Daniel Suárez, Marina Castan Cabrero, Jyoti Kapur, Bastian Beyer - are residents in VAA Nida Art Colony.

Visiting professors during residence time: Assoc. Prof. Stephen M. Garrett, Prof. Henrik Andersen, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mag. Arch. Daniel Köhler.

Leader of work package 2 - prof. dr. Norbert Palz (Berlin University of the Arts) - visiting students.