Doctoral studies

Application requirements for full-time Fine Arts doctoral studies (practice-based) 2020 academic year (For foreign citizens) 

Dates and Deadlines

Announcement of admission 15th of April
Application documents must be submitted 15-18 of June, 9 am - 5 pm
Assessment of Creative Work and Professional Development - Review. Announcement of participants invited for an interview with the admission committee. 19th June
Admission commission meeting (applicant’s participation is obligatory) 25th of June, 10 am
The list of invited applicants to doctoral studies will be announced 25th of June, 5 pm
Reception and analysis of appeals 26-30 June, 9 am - 12 pm
The announcement of the list of the admitted to doctoral studies 1st of July, 3 pm

Required documents

  • Application to the VAA rector;
  • The copy of Master of Arts diploma and diploma supplement in the original language, notary authorized translation (certified translation) and confirmation of Centre for quality assessment;
  • Letters of recommendation of two recognized artists (2020);
  • Assessment of Creative Work (Portfolio) and Professional Development (CV);
  • Description of the art research project (3000 - 5000 words);
  • Copy of ID or passport;
  • Receipt of the admission fee.

Art project description guidelines

  • Main problem of art project creative part.
  • Context of the creative field.
  • Foreseen goal and process of the creative part.
  • The main problem, goal and process of the theoretical part of the art project.
  • Historiography context of the theoretical part.
  • Relationship between creative and theoretical parts.

Competition grade formula

Competition grade consists of the portfolio (Prt), description of the art research project (Mtpa), interview (Pk).

Ʃ - competition grade
Ʃ = 0,25Prt + 0,5Mtpa + 0,25Pk

Admission fee payment, account requisites

Admission fee is 30 EUR
Vilniaus dailės akademija
Legal entity (VAA) code 111950439
Swedbank AB
Account no. LT44 7300 0100 0245 5498
Bank code 73000
The title of the entrance fee should be: stojamoji imoka i doktorantura+applicant’s name.

 In case admission fee is paid not to VAA account the application is not considered. If an applicant withdraws the documents, the admission fee is not refunded.


Students admitted to state-funded places of doctoral studies receive a scholarship of the amount established by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania during the period of studies from 8892 EUR to 10296 EUR per year.

Tuition fee

Students admitted to state-funded positions are exempted of the tuition fee. Self-funded doctoral students pay the tuition fee that is 10646 euros per year.

Documents are submitted and information is provided

Malūnų g. 3 (VAA building C1), Vilnius.