Art Doctoral Students' exhibition "Studies" at ArtVilnius'22

The title of the exhibition, Studies, is a direct reference to both the study/studio as an artist’s working space, and studies as in the educational/academic process/subject.

Although the separation of theory and practice is usually impossible and inexpedient, the aim of this exhibition is to highlight precisely the practical rather than the theoretical side of art doctoral students’ work and research. From both the inside and the outside, art PhD studies is quite a problematic and paradoxical phenomenon. Firstly, it seems to be generally assumed that the work of art doctoral students should be of a different quality from that of, for instance, artists who have not experienced academic training, but is this really the case? Secondly, the practical, non-theoretical parts of art students’ works do not necessarily reveal or visualise their theoretical searches and quests or academic disputes. Thirdly, art PhD students operate in an academic space associated with certain long-standing, established or perhaps even orthodox notions of the art system, so that modernity and academia often sound like antonyms. Fourthly, at least optimistically, both the academy of art as an institution and art academia as a system are also a place of open and heterogeneous debate, so one should not expect that the artists participating in this exhibition agree with the wording of all of the questions or answers posed here. Fifthly, and partly in response to the fair’s theme of ecology, it is this very ecosystem of different practices that invites you, the viewer, to join in, experience and question these artistic practices.

Vilnius Academy of Arts, PhD students
afterschool_________ collective (Rasa Jančiauskaitė, Eglė Počiuipaitė, Simona Rukuižaitė, Miki Ambrózy), Ieva Baltrėnaitė, Jan Georg Glöckner, Liucija Kvašytė, Ignas Pavliukevičius, Austėja Platūkytė, Nerijus Rimkus, Jelena Škulis, Simona Žemaitytė

Curator: Valentinas Klimašauskas

Illustration: Nerijus Rimkus