Doctoral studies

Application requirements for full-time Architecture doctoral studies (practice-based) 2024 academic year

The PhD competition is open to persons who have a Master's degree in architecture or arts or equivalent higher education qualification, who have achieved high artistic results, who have an original creative approach, critical thinking, knowledge of the field of architecture, and a broad outlook, and who have the ability to formulate ideas in a reasoned manner in oral and written form.

Dates and Deadlines

Application documents must be submitted. 3-4 of September 2024
Admission documents are submitted in one pdf. by e-mail (
Assessment of Creative Work and Professional Development - Review. Announcement of participants invited for an interview with admission commission. 12 September 2024
Admission commission meeting (applicant’s participation is obligatory). 17 September 2024
The list of invited applicants to doctoral studies will be announced. 17 September 2024
Reception and analysis of appeals. 18 September 2024
The announcement of the list of the admitted to doctoral studies. 20 September 2024

Required documents (The documents listed below, with the exception of the recommendations, are provided in a single pdf document)

  • Application to the VAA rector. The project must be assigned to the main research field (The LIST of research fields).
  • A copy of Master diploma and diploma supplement in the original language, with the certified translation to English or Lithuanian (Documents issued in English or Lithuanian do not require a translation). 
    Please be advised that applicants with foreign qualifications, acquired outside Lithuania, will undergo mandatory academic recognition of these qualifications. Detailed procedure and requirements can be found in Academic recognition section.
    Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA) has been granted the right by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of the Republic of Lithuania to recognize foreign qualifications of its international applicants for the purposes of further studies at VAA. Recognition of foreign qualifications at VAA is accomplished by the International Relations Office.
  • Letters of recommendation of two architects and (or) recognized artists (2024). Persons recommending an applicant should send their recommendations directly to
  • Portfolio (Creative works) and CV (Professional development).
  • Description of the art research project (3000 - 5000 words).
  • List of artistic, scientific and cultural publications (if available) and copies thereof.
  • A copy of ID or passport.
  • A copy of a document certifying the change of name and/or surname if not all the documents submitted are under the same name and/or surname.
  • Receipt of the admission fee.
  • Consent regarding processing of personal data.

Art project description guidelines

  • Main problem of art project creative part.
  • Context of the creative field.
  • Foreseen goal and process of the creative part.
  • The main problem, goal and process of the theoretical part of the art project.
  • Historiography context of the theoretical part.
  • Relationship between creative and theoretical parts.

Admission fee payment, account requisites

Admission fee is 50 EUR
Vilniaus dailės akademija
Legal entity (VAA) code 111950439
Swedbank AB
Account no. LT44 7300 0100 0245 5498
Bank code 73000
The title of the entrance fee should be: stojamoji imoka i doktorantura+applicant’s name.

 In case admission fee is paid not to VAA account the application is not considered. If an applicant withdraws the documents, the admission fee is not refunded.

Competition grade formula

Competition grade consists of the portfolio (Prt), description of art research project creative (Kda) and theoretical (Tda) parts, interview (Pk).

Ʃ - competition grade
Ʃ = 0,4Prt + 0,2Kda + 0,2Tda + 0,2Pk

Structure of the competition grade

The admissions competition takes place in two phases. The first stage is an assessment of creative activity and professional training - a review. The Admissions Committee examines applicants' documents, references from recognised artists and/or architects, and portfolios. If the admissions board decides that the applicant's artistic level is not sufficient, he/she will not be considered for further competition. The second stage is the interview. During the interview, the applicants make an oral presentation to the Admissions Committee of the intended artistic project - its creative and research parts. The applicants formulate the problem of the future art project, outline the expected directions of their activities, present their previous creative activities and their most significant creative achievements. The portfolio, the description of the art project and the interview are evaluated using a ten-point system. The sum of the scores constitutes the competition score. In the event of a tie, the recommendations of recognised artists are taken into account. Only applicants with a competition score of at least 7 may apply for the PhD programme.

Procedure for submitting and hearing appeals

The applicant has the right to appeal against a breach of the admission procedures. The appeal must contain a reasoned justification for the breach of the established admission procedures. The marks awarded by the Admissions Committee cannot be appealed. 

Appeals shall be submitted in writing to the Admissions Committee of the Fine Arts, Design and Architecture doctoral programme at, no later than the date indicated under "Admission dates and deadlines". The Appeals Committee shall consider the appeal within 2 working days of receipt. The decisions of the Board of Appeal shall be recorded in minutes and signed by the Chairperson of the Board of Appeal. In the event of irregularities in the admission procedure, a re-meeting of the Admission Board shall be announced.

The Appeals Board shall be composed of at least 5 members. The members of the Appeals Board for Fine Arts, Design and Architecture are: the Vice-Rector for Arts and Science of the VDA, the Vice-Rector for Studies of the VDA, the Chairperson of the relevant Doctoral Programme Committee, and the two members of the relevant Doctoral Programme Committee.


Students admitted to state-funded places of doctoral studies receive a scholarship of the amount established by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania during the period of studies from 12 540 EUR to 14 520 EUR per year.

Tuition fee

Students admitted to state-funded positions are exempted of the tuition fee. Self-funded doctoral students pay the tuition fee that is 11 837 euros per year.

Start of studies

1st October 2024.

Documents are submitted and information is provided