Doctoral studies


FRIDAY Maria Fusco (djcad, University of Dundee), SCO
SATURDAY Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas (MIT), USA, LT

Milestone lectures

Art practice as a symptom of an unanswered research question. John Hillman

Art of Experience: Alchemy, Passions, Embodied/Practical Knowledge and Transformation. Rachel Armstrong & Rolf Hughes

Not a Neutral Conduit: A Fictocritical Approach to Artistic Research. David Maroto

Constructive ambivalence: discipline/epistemology/politics of art and research in the work of Forensic Architecture Pierre d'Alancaisez

In the Pre-, - Mid -, Post- (Artistic Research) … everything will be better! Kristoffer Gansing

Nomad Science, Remote Intensities, Pataphysical Equipment. Thomas Mical



Exposition of (ex)positions by Vilnius Academy of Arts doctoral candidates

Preliminary programme for Oct 14-17th.
Most of the congress will be carried on on-site in physical spaces, except Sunday which is purely online. Some programme will be accessible via Zoom also on the other days.

Research project "Impact of Artistic Research to Humanities and Visual Arts. The Case Study of Lithuania in Global Context" was funded by a grant (No. S-LIP-20-19) from the Research Council of Lithuania.  This research was performed in cooperation with Vilnius Academy of Arts and Klaipėda University.