Art Research & Innovation

Vilnius Academy of Arts carries out some fundamental research in humanities and social sciences that are important to Lithuania and the entire Baltic region. The research activities are organised and implemented by academic core units – Faculties and the Institute of the Art Studies, Research and Dissemination. 

Fields of research include The Modern Visual Culture and its Theories, Theory and Criticism of Visual Arts, Art and Culture of New Times, Management and Sociology of Art and Culture Management, Monument Protection, Monument Management and Research in Heritage, The Visual Culture of the Old Lithuania and the Modern Reflection. 

The highly qualified and sufficiently numerous research staff is being continuously renewed by PhD graduates of the Academy, by participation in international research networks and involvement in PhD project activities. Recently opened Art and Design PhD programme formed the platform for the artistic research.

The main fields and areas of scientific research in Vilnius Academy of Arts:

  • Visual Culture of Old Lithuania: History, Theory and Its Contemporary Reflexion
  • Theory and Critics of Visual Art
  • Heritage Protection, Monument Manage­ment and Heritage Researches