Doctoral studies

History and Theory of Arts Doctoral Students


Milda Adamonytė (LKTI)

Dissertation theme "Modernisation of Sacred Architecture in Lithuania 1918-1940". Supervisor dr. Skirmantė Smilingytė-Žeimienė

Shot from the film "The Devil's Bride" (1973, director Arūnas Žebriūnas)

Vitalij Binevič (LKTI)

Dissertation theme "Erotic body in the cinema of Soviet Lithuania". Supervisor assoc. prof. dr. Lina Kaminskaitė -Jančorienė



Ieva Blinstrubienė (VDA)

Dissertation theme "Adaptation of Historic Monastic Ensembles as a Strategy for Preserving Cultural Heritage". Supervisor dr. (hp) Rūta Janonienė


Linas Bliškevičius (VDA)

Dissertation theme "Concepts of Post-postmodernism: The Search for the Identity of Contemporary Art". Supervisor dr. Erika Grigoravičienė


Viktorija Bruneizerytė-Gaidamavičienė (LKTI)

Dissertation theme "The Image of the Actress and its Visualisation in Interwar Lithuania". Supervisor prof. dr. (hp) Giedrė Jankevičiūtė


Jogintė Bučinskaitė (LKTI)

Dissertation theme "The Shifts in Lithuanian Contemporary Art Representation in (Audio)visual Media in the 21st Century". Supervisor dr. Skaidra Trilupaitytė


Karolina Bukovskytė (LKTI)

Dissertation theme „Ideological, Artistic and Museum Value of the Icon in Soviet Lithuania“. Supervisor prof. dr. Giedrė Mickūnaitė

Alicja Dacevič (LKTI)

Dissertation theme "The aspect of the Urban Audiosphere in Chapels of Vilnius Roman and Greek Catholic Monasteries XVII- XIX centuries". Supervisor assoc. prof. dr. Laima Budzinauskienė


Rasa Dargužaitė (LKTI)

Dissertation theme "Lithuanian "Art" Combines 1945-1990: Design Aspects and Contexts". Supervisor prof. dr. (hp) Giedrė Jankevičiūtė


Edgaras Gerasimovičius (VDA)

Dissertation theme "The Work of the Artist: Practices, Concepts and their Changes in Lithuanian Contemporary Art since 1990.". Supervisor dr. Lina Michelkevičė

Rolandas Gustaitis (VDA)

Dissertation theme "Architectural Development and Art Values of the  Dominicans Monastery in Paparciai". Supervisor dr. Mindaugas Paknys


Evelina Januškaitė (VDA)

Dissertation theme "Laki mimezė: fenomenologinė atspindžio samprata šiuolaikiniame mene". Supervisor prof. dr. Giedrė Mickūnaitė


Vaidas Jauniškis (LMTA)

Dissertation theme "(A)political Body of Theatre: Socio-Cultural Aspects in Contemporary Lithuanian Theatre". Supervisor prof. dr. Ramunė Marcinkevičiūtė


Deima Katinaitė-Zajančauskė (VDA)

Dissertation theme "Culturing Nature: Some Artistic Strategies in the 19th and 20th Centuries". Supervisor prof. dr. Giedrė Mickūnaitė


Jūratė Katinaitė (LMTA)

Dissertation theme "Lithuanian Opera in the Soviet Cultural System (1956-1990): The Transformation of National Tradition and Cultural Policy". Supervisor prof. dr. Rūta Stanevičiūtė-Kelmickienė


Ugnė Marija Makauskaitė (LKTI)

Dissertation theme "Post-traumatic silence in humanist photography: the case of the work of Izis Bidermanas". Supervisor doc. dr. Odeta Žukauskienė


Ilona Mažeikienė (VDA)

Dissertation theme "Art Education in Vilnius 1919-1939: Between Ideological Discourse and Regional Identity". Supervisor dr. Algė Andriulytė


Valentyn Odnoviun (LKTI)

Dissertation theme "Ukrainian and Baltic Intersections in the Context of Eastern European Art Photography From 1960s To 1980s". Supervisor assoc. prof. dr. Agnė Narušytė


Jurgis Paliauka (LMTA)

Dissertation theme "Strategies of Dissemination of Basic Structures and Their Expression in the Works of Lithuanian Composers of the Second Half of the 20th Century". Supervisor prof. dr. Rima Povilionienė

Kristina Õllek, detail view to installation “Nautilus New Era” (2018).
Cobalt-pigmented sand, plexiglass 18 x 24 cm, UV print,  tablet holder.

Paulius Petraitis (LKTI)

Dissertation theme "The Construction of Meanings and Intermediality in Baltic Photography". Supervisor dr. Odeta Žukauskienė


Edita Povilaitytė-Leliugienė (VDA)

Dissertation theme "Research of Lithuanian Architecture Heritage in the 19th-20th Centuries: the Case of Vilnius’ Upper Castle". Supervisor assoc. prof. dr. Rasa Butvilaitė


Gabrielė Radzevičiūtė (VDA)

Dissertation theme "Visualisation of Everyday Life and the Discourse of Modernism in Interwar Lithuania". Supervisor prof. dr. (hp) Giedrė Jankevičiūtė

Vaida Ragėnaitė (VDA)

Dissertation theme "Civic Resistance Motifs and Their Sources in Lithuania and Poland in the 19th Century: Kanutas Ruseckas Case Study". Supervisor assoc. prof. dr. Birutė Vitkauskienė



Rimgailė Renevytė (LMTA)

Dissertation theme "Role Consciousness: The Actor's Work in Contemporary Theatre". Supervisor prof. dr. Rasa Vasinauskaitė

Karolina Rimkutė (VDA)

Dissertation theme "Visual Counterculture: Visual Expression of Punk Subculture in Lithuania from 1980s to 2010s". Supervisor assoc. prof. dr. Lolita Jablonskienė


Ieva Rusteikaitė (VDA)

Dissertation theme "Bindings of Vilnius University Library Documents in the Second Half of the 16th - First Half of the 17th Century: Structural Features, Typology and Tradition". Supervisor dr. Jolita Liškevičienė

Koliažas Daina Urbanavičienė

Daina Urbanavičienė (LMTA)

Dissertation theme "The Identity of the Lithuanian Jazz Scene and Jazz Culture". Supervisor prof. dr. Rūta Stanevičiūtė-Kelmickienė


Jurgita Valčikaitė-Šidlauskienė (LKTI)

Dissertation theme "The Process of Composing Music: From Sketch to Composition. The Work of Composer Julius Juzeliūnas". Supervisor prof. dr. (hp) Gražina Daunoravičienė

Birutė Valečkaitė (VDA)

Dissertation theme "Iconography of St Dominic and St Francis in the 16th-18th Century Art in Franciscan and Dominican Convents in Vilnius: the Importance of Expressing Personality and Holiness for the Formation and Dispertion of Iconographic Types". Supervisor dr. Tojana Račiūnaitė


Mantė Valiūnaitė (LMTA)

Dissertation theme "Hybrid cinema: Theoretical Concept, Place in Film Festivals and Lithuanian Documentary Film". Supervisor assoc. prof. dr. Lina Kaminskaitė-Jančorienė

The Unknown Author from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, A Boy with a Rose, mid-the second half of the 18th century, oil on canvas, 67 × 52 cm, The Samogitian Museum “Alka”, the photography by Kęstutis Stoškus.

Joana Vitkutė (VDA)

Dissertation theme "The Representation of a Child in the Mid-18th century – the First Half of the 19th Century’s Lithuanian Art: The Discovery of Childhood". Supervisor dr. Aistė Paliušytė-Lugovojienė



Aistė Žvinytė (LKTI)

Dissertation theme "Ninfa Fiorentina and Ninfa Moderna: Georges Didi-Huberman and Aby Warburg's Concept of Visual Virtuality and Its Application to the Analysis of Lithuanian Contemporary Art". Supervisor dr. Tojana Račiūnaitė