Academic Ethics

Academic Ethics and Equal Opportunities at VDA

Reports and/or complaints about possible violations of academic ethics should be sent to (addressed to the Academic Ethics Committee of the Senate) or (addressed to the VDA Student Union).

Reports and/or complaints related to equal opportunities or sexual harassment should be sent to the VDA Equal Opportunities Team* at

You can also report sexual harassment by filling in the form below (addressed to the person responsible for preventing harassment at the VDA). 

Report sexual harassment

Vilnius Academy of Arts guarantees the full confidentiality of applicants.

*In order to ensure equal opportunities for all members of the VDA community, irrespective of their nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, religion, views, and socio-economic background, to be involved in the Academy's processes and to ensure a better representation of all under-represented groups, the Equal Opportunities Group has been in place at the Academy since 2021, which is comprised of people from a wide range of different groups of the VDA community as well as from the different divisions within the Academy.