Vilnius Academy of Arts coordinates and, together with Kaunas University of Technology, runs a joint PhD in architecture since 2022. The Art Doctorate combines the best practices of both universities in the fields of art and technology. The doctoral studies are carried out through a combination of artistic and scientific project-based research. 

In 2023, the PhD Committee has proposed the following research topics and possible supervisors: 

  • Architecture and environmental design and research based on biophilic principles. 
  • Parametric Design and Critical Practice in Architecture and Urbanism. 
  • Architecture and politics.

The PhD candidate will be admitted to the research themes approved by the Committee or may propose their own research topic. Selected candidates develop their own art project which includes both creative and academic work. Epistemic curiosity, experimental writing, and the search for individual methodologies are encouraged.

During their studies, architects join the VDA Doctoral School, a vibrant community of researchers in the arts (fine arts, design, and architecture) and in art history and theory. The aim of this community is to facilitate artistic research for artists, designers, architects, curators, art writers, and other practitioners, to create a welcoming environment for PhD students, and to share ideas, experiences, and research results. All Ph.D. students update their individual research by participating in joint events such as lectures, exhibitions, seminars, the International Summer School for PhD Students in Nida (Nida Art Colony), and others. The Ph.D. program is taught in Lithuanian and English.

At the end of the studies, the candidate is awarded a Doctorate in the Arts (DA) degree, the equivalency of which to a PhD depends on the country. In Lithuania and in some other countries you are eligible to continue your research as a post-doc fellow (Lithuanian Research Council funding).