Vilnius Academy of Arts and SODAS2123 (mostly onsite and partly online)

Artistic symposium: A performative Research Symposium-Festival presents works by young doctoral researchers and artists as well as doctor of arts will take place as part of the congress. The event will include open artists-researchers’ studios, performative actions, concerts, screenings, collective social & dining activities, etc. They will happen at new artists' cultural complex SODAS 2123. To feel the vibe of it please check the video of a recent festival there "Ūmėdė".


Main Congress venue is Vilnius Academy of Arts and its Gothic Hall (Old building A, Maironio st. 6, Vilnius). Vilnius Campus of the Academy is located in the very old town of Vilnius city and can host up to several hundred participants in the congress. Vilnius Academy of Arts is one of the biggest academies in Nordic-Baltic countries and its history traces back to 1793.

Vilnius Academy of Arts has more than 1550 students, 352 professors and 46 study programmes located in 4 campuses in 4 cities in Lithuania. Vilnius campus is the biggest one. It is running Doctoral Programme in the Arts (Fine Art & Design) since 2010/2011. So far 33 doctoral candidates have defended their theses and 34 are on the way. More