Not Quite King, Not Quite Fish

Call for Contributions to the Research Symposium at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, 2023

As artists-researchers, we are in tension with the real and fictive expectations of both artmaking and research. Not quite king, nor quite fish, we turn to the animal queendom for answers. We dive into water like the cosmopolitan kingfisher. Different bodies of water lead us to a different catch, we function well with the abundance of a range of habitats. We are masters of diving in, no matter what the circumstances might be. Easy to recognise but at times obscured by our environment, we are feathered like artists but are actually entangled artists-researchers: short tail, long beak, or both. We flutter around as observers and participants in complex systems. According to legend, if one spots us on the way to a battle, all must return home and seek peace.

Dates and Deadlines
2023, November 9-11th, on-site in Vilnius
Call for Contributions until June 11th, 2023

The symposium Not quite king, nor quite fish is hosted and organised by doctoral candidates in Fine Art, Design and Architecture from the Vilnius Academy of Arts. The focus is on durational and performative forms of presentation and/or public experimentation as research.

We aim to provide opportunities to both experienced and upcoming researchers and artists to share their projects within the support structures established by temporary epistemic communities organised around four research clusters. Each cluster is conceived and moderated by doctoral candidates of the Vilnius Academy of Arts and is based on their artistic research interests.