Department of Doctoral studies is inviting to the lecture by dr. Michael Schwab Exposition of Artistic Research: Expanded Writing and Publishing Art.

Date: 18th March, 2021
Time: 2 PM
Link to online lecture:

There is a widespread belief in order: first you do something and then you publish it. However, what about if publishing changes what we aim to publish? Could those changes rather than work against our practice not be embraced and utilized to further what we do, say and understand? – This lecture will introduce the notion of ‘expositionality’ as it was developed in the context of the Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) and the Research Catalogue (RC). I will attempt to make a case for artistic research not through definitions of what it is or should be but through modes of articulation that it affords that link aesthetic with epistemic concerns.

Moderated by assoc. prof. dr. Vytautas Michelkevičius.

Michael Schwab is the founding Editor-in-Chief of JAR, the Journal for Artistic Research. During the first years of SAR he was responsible for the RC and its development coining the notion of ‘exposition’ along the way. Most of his writings and some of his art and research is accessible through his RC profile.

Regarding expositionality, you may want to check out this recent chapter.

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The lecture is primarily intended for members of the VAA community, connecting with e-mail. If will be vacancies, everyone can join from 2.05 PM.