Theoretical Seminars and Creative Discussions Visual Art and Design MA and DA 

Vilnius Academy of Arts, Faculty of Higher Studies, since 2013 is organizing  Theoretical Seminars and Creative Discussions for MA and, from 2016 April for DA students.

This program is based on recent international postgraduate studies development. It consists of two parts: Theoretical Seminars - lectures held by professors, curators and artists from abroad; and Creative Discussions - students art work presentations (may be together with their supervisors) followed by discussions initiated by our guests from abroad.

Student presentations – 15 min., discussions – 30 min.

The two day Seminars and/or Creative Discussions are organized each month (please, see schedule below). All Seminars, presentations and discussions are held in English and moderated by prof. Henrik B. Andersen. 

Theoretical Seminars and Creative Discussions are held at Malunu st. 3 (VDA C1 building), starting 1:00 pm. 

When you are willing to present your artistic work, please fill in
a registration form.

Should you have any questions, please write an email: 
Project coordinator Egle Bertasiute (ph:+370 603 67 681)

Dates and guests for 2015-2019


37th Creative Discussion with Martijn Verhoeven

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2019.02.14 36th Creative Discussion with Ann Lislegaard

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35th Creative Disccussion with Frederik Stjernfelt

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34th Creative Discussion with Will Holder

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33nd Creative Discussion with Gunther Ludwig

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32nd Creative Discussion with Kristine Kern 

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31st Creative Discussion with Marie Nipper 

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30th Creative Discussion with Liam Gillic 

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29th Creative Discussion with Henrik Oxvig

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28th Creative Discussion with norwegian artist Dag Eric Elgin

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27th Creative Discussion with professor Nina Möntmann

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26th Creative Discussion with artist Glenn Sorensen

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25th Creative Discussion with professor of Case Western Reserve University dr. Per Aage Brandt

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24th Creative Discussion with director of  AKI art and design academy dr. Marc Boumeester

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23rd Creative Discussion with Sweden Umea art school lecturer prof. Swetlana Heger

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22nd Creative Discussion with prof. Ian Damerell, norvegian artist based in Lithuania

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21st Creative Discussionwith Jan Bäcklund, associate professor of art theory and art historyThe Royal Academy of Fine Arts

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20th Lecture “The Production of Intimacies” and Creative Discussion with a director of Copenhagen’s Statens Museum for Kunst (SMK)Denmark’s National Gallery,  an art critic, curator, and art historian, Dr. Mikkel Bogh

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19th Lecture “Verlust der Mitte: On posthuman aspects of modern art” and Creative Discussion with Aarhus University School of Communication and Culture - Art History professor, dr. Jacob Wamberg

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18th Creative Discussion with rector of The Danish Royal Academy of Arts Sanne Kofod Olsen

Information about the Academy


17th Creative Discussion with LOUSIANA curator Anders Kold 

Information about Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (Denmark)


16th Creative Discussion with photographer and video artist Heli Rekula and artist/researcher Mike Bode

Information about the guests: 


15th Creative Discussion with artist Dag Erik Elgen

Information about the guest 

The artists, curators and professors having participated in the program in 2013 – 2015:

Ian Damerell (NO), Helena Reckitt (UK), Maria Arusoo (EE), Mikkel Bogh (DK), Rune Søchting (DK), Anders Kold (DK), Jacob Fabricius (DK), Thomas Locher (DK), Günter Selichar (AT), Claire Bishop (UK), Svajonė ir Paulius Stanikai (LT, FR), Per Aage Brandt (FR), Jørgen Michaelsen (DK), Brandon LaBelle (NO), etc.