Marija Marcelionytė-Paliukė (1977, Vilnius, Lithuania)

Artist, Curator and Professor at Vilnius academy of Arts (VAA) Graphic Art department. 

She has been making an appearance in the cultural life, more or less knowingly, since 1995. She has taken part in over 130 group shows in Lithuania and abroad (Germany, Finland, Poland, Italy, Estonia, Latvia, Japan, China and in other). Held 20 solo shows, curated more than 40 exhibitions mostly involving young artists, students, colleagues from Academy, artist from abroad and constantly organizing and leading creative workshops for those who are curious about drawing and printmaking, taking part at international conferences wih reports about creativity, ideas and education processes. 
In this stage of her life she feels and comprehends the collective exhibitions, projects, actions, creative workshops, the pre-arranged or getting out of control happenings as something that is very meaningful and multidimensional. Therefore, since 2018, she has been passionately and enthusiastically curating the VAA Gallery “5 Malūnai”, which has become a platform for the dissemination and implementation of ideas for a wide range of artists.  
Her art works have been awarded in various exhibitions and competitions. Some of them are included in the Graphic collection of the Lithuanian National Museum of Art, to the exposition of the Lithuanian Money Museum. Works are in private collections in Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Poland, America, Japan.

M. Marcelionytė-Paliukė - member of the Union of Lithuanian Artists, member of LATGA, since 2017 consultant to the Commission for the Development of Collectible and Commemorative Coins of the Bank of Lithuania and the Mint, 2021-2022 representative of Lithuania on behalf of the European Central Bank, member of the selection group for new euro banknote themes, 2022-2024 Expert of the Lithuanian Visual Arts Council at the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania.
2013-2023 Head of Graphic Art Department. The first woman to hold this position in the 210-year history of the Department.

In 2023, she received the Lithuanian Government Award for Culture and Art for a significant contribution to culture and art and outstanding achievements in this field