Davida Kidd “Digital Printmaking Workshop”

18 - 21 November 2014, Graphic Department, Vilnius Academy of Arts

Prof. Davida Kidd, world famous artists from Canada, has made the workshop „Conceptual aspects of printmaking which involve performance as well as making sculpture as part of the image building process“ for the students in Graphic Department.

Prof. Davida Kidd is a famous photo-based print artist who resides in Canada. Since 1996 has been a Professor of Print Media at the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford BC. Davida Kidd has exhibited widely internationally receiving several awards, scholarships and grants for her works, including the Grand Prix at 2003 International Print Triennial in Krakow.

Davida Kidd: "My print practice often entails the use of staged photographic imagery to investigate issues that involve the referencing and combining of various aspects of advertising and art history, contemporary and historical, towards a result of current social satire and commentary. The characters I create appear to be dredged up from the darker recesses of the subconscious. By splicing bits of fiction together, I encourage storytelling and the exercising of imagination in the viewer. The sleek compositing effects of the computer that I employ, where real and unreal are seamlessly blended, act as a metaphor for the complex ambiguities surrounding our choices, particularly in this new digital age, where new strains have been put on the human psyche."

Curator of the Workshop - Prof. Kęstutis Vasiliūnas

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