Neighbors! Creative and expressive illustration and book binding workshop

Neighbours! theme can be studied and widely illustrated:

Past – Today – Future, thought the neighbors!, as well as cultural, religious, political aspects of theneighborhood, Latvia-Lithuania, or visual analysis of Today’s global, social situation.

Of course, the topic of ¡neighbors! can be analyzed and illustrated and narrow:

Perverse Neighbors!, personal character, lock, door Neighbors!, childish personality perception and analysis, alienation. Or perhaps become very close people, every day in the yard visible, but total strangers, also, have become very close...

Creative methodologies using hybrid images, creating moodboards, hand – drawn and graphic, to communicate: feelings, values and ideas; verbal/visual narrative using pictures.

An idea which focuses on meaning as the main driving force.

Think of the new shift in lifestyle attitudes, the metaphor for social cohesion and togetherness, such as Neighbours!

Workshop – to start creative process – plan:

  • The First day: meeting and introduction of project. Generating some ideas for the Neighbours! topic, some scetching.
  • The Second day: drawing, creating illustrations, some simple sketchbook binding(Koptu style).
  • The Third day: continue creating illustrations and diferent style book binding (free style).
  • The Fourth day: finishing illustrations and final connection binding The Picture book Neigbours! – overall result of the workshop.
  • The Fifth day: presentation of workshop results.

Jolanta Mikulskytė (illustration), Matas Dūda (book – binding)

Vilnius Academy of Arts, Graphic Art department

2014 March 31 – April 4