Monomedial. From a workshop to a collaboration

In April 2016 Austrian Artist Martin Gredler was invited by lect. Jolanta Mikulskyte, Vilnius Academy of Arts -  Graphic art department to give a workshop on lithography.

Using his last series „Monomedial – one of kind“ he performed a lecture on experiences he mad in his recent work.

Employing the lithographic method not only as a reproduction technique with a special handwriting but as an artistic expression with a unique quality,  Martin Gredler tries to create an rather unusual  yet luxurious process: instead of manufacturing an edition with some stones, single prints were produced with many stones. The lithographic structure (stones. Ink, paper, presses) was used to develop unique copies.  Several layers (on some prints up to 50) superimposed the original designs to shape depth and space in print. The printing press was no longer a reproduction unit but a mechanical brush.

During his workshop he encouraged to use multiple images and multiple layers.

In the inspiring atmosphere of the Academies studio (Graphic Laboratory) Jolanta, Martin and the students agreed to continue the and transfer the content of the lecture it into a collaboration. 100 pieces of paper will travel from Salzburg to Vilnius, back an forth,  to be printed on in the Academy and on the presses of Grafische Werkstatt im Traklhaus in Salzburg.

Teachers as well as the students collaborate with multiple images to create a series of unique prints. Proofs from Vilnius are sent to Salzburg to be interpreted by Martin Gredler and will be sent back to be individually finished by the students and Jolanta Mikulskyte.

After a year of mutual lithographic interaction the monomedial collaboration presents a portfolio of 50 intense images.

Interweaving images, knowledge and technique seemed to have produced an inspiring setting for a experimental teamwork within students, artists and two studios.

Monomedial – Martin Gredler

The series.

Based on a portfolio with prints of  “Protagonists” (taxidermal objects from the archives of a museum of history of nature) , Martin Gredler tried to explore the unique quality of stone lithography for an experimental journey. From single images over an edition to a series of unique copies, the strategy of interweaving and superimposing produces an mysterious setting in which “ Protagonists” seem to change their expression and content.

  • An extra series of “key images” were created in Uzupis, while working with the students. These key images (five stones) served for a series of 65 unique copies.

Martin Gredler, Salzburg, Austria

Artist Martin Gredler  lead lectures, workshops in Vilnius Academy of Arts  in the frames of program 'Support to foreign scientists and artists to teach in Lithuanian Higer schools'.