Graphic Art | Undergraduate | Vilnius

2023 06 – 16 in the space of former sewing factory "Lelija", now Tech Zity Vilnius (Panerių str. 43) infrastructure, will be open exhibition "Hyperplane" created by the young generation interdisciplinary artist Roma Mikalauskytė. The visual part of the exhibition will be combined with audiovisual works by the young generation composer Liepa Vozgirdaitė.

Hyperplane is an interdisciplinary project that explores the measurement of human perceived space and higher spatial dimensions. The concept itself acts as a kind of reference to a dimension that is unknown to us and beyond our understanding.
According to the author of the project, our common experience is that we perceive space in three dimensions: longitude, latitude and height. In the terms of general relativity, the three dimensions of space and time are combined into a single unified system - spacetime. Reality thus becomes no longer a three-dimensional system, but a four-dimensional world, or a union of three spatial and one temporal dimension. As for the higher dimensions, they often act as a kind of reference or association to science fiction literature, books or films. The impression is given that the higher dimensions exist, but are just not comprehensible or visual to us. Reality, however, envisages something else. An example is M-theory (en. Mistery/Miracal, the best candidate for a unified full theory), which predicts ten spatial and one temporal dimension. However, seven of the ten spatial directions are assumed to be curled into a small ball, leaving only three directions that are expanded and
visible to us.

If there were a fourth spatial dimension, could we equivalently understand it as the three dimensions we are already familiar with? The exhibition invites us to examine the space around us from a different angle, through practical material and light experiments and
hypothetical spatial contexts.

The Hyperplane exhibition is part of the VAA’s Graduation Show exhibition and part of the Culture Night 2023 event programme. An additional programme will also be presented during the Culture Night event on 16 June (to be shared in a separate event).

Partner Balance
Culture Night 2023, Tech Zity Vilnius, Lithuanian Artists' Union, Vilnius Academy of Arts, VF Department of Graphics
Partial sponsor Elektroplazma

Photos by Anna Chostegian