The „6 pt“ Conference – a New Attraction on the Map of European Book Design and Typography 

On October 8, the National Art Gallery of Vilnius (Lithuania) will host the third Book Design and Typography Conference „6 pt“. This event attracts international specialists in book design as well as local Lithuanian artists, who present the latest trends and share their experience and insights in this field.

The name „6 pt“ was chosen deliberately. It is the smallest measurement of the printed word offered in modern graphic applications. The measurement has its own name, „nonpareil“ (French for unique, without equal). Similarly, the conference is the smallest event that can be dedicated to typography and book design, as well as a unique opportunity to meet 6 experts without equal.

Earlier conferences saw presentations by one of the most influential designers of our time – David Carson (USA), the German classicist prof. Friedrich Forssman (Germany), the legendary book artist Jost Hochuli and his adherent Roland Stieger (Switzerland), long-standing head of the „Aufbau“ publishing house Renate Stefan (Germany), and the innovative photobook creator Ania Nalęczka (Poland). Their themes ranged from the desire and the need to surpass a book’s boundaries, to the creation of an exclusive book series, the differences between mainstream and art books, and other matters relating to creativity and printing.

This year the conference welcomes one of the best-known book designers of Spain, Pablo Martin, head of „Spector Books“ and „Hochschule fuer Buchkunst und Graphik“ of Leipzig professor Mark Dressen (Germany), international book award winner and „Albert Bonnier“ publishing house senior designer Niina Ulmaja (Sweden). Guest speakers will present the theme „Jazz in Books“ – where creative freedom and responsibility to the reader begins and ends in a way that does not result in a chaotic mess.

As in earlier years, the conference will include an exhibition of fascinating books to illustrate the latest trends in design and typography. This year the winners of the contest Best Book Design from All over the World will also be presented.

The conference is sponsored by international institutions and companies such as the Goethe Institute, Stiftung Buchkunst, the Spanish Embassy, whose support and donations is instrumental in helping Vilnius shine on the map of European typography.