Visa & Residence Permit

The requirements for entry and residence in Lithuania depend on the student‘s duration of stay and citizenship.

If you want to study at a university or a college you need to get a temporary residence permit. Go to Lithuanian Migration Information System (MIGRIS) fill in the request to issue or renew the residence permit and include digital copies of the documents being added to this request. After filling out the request and booking an appointment time via ‘MIGRIS’, within 4 months from the day of submitting the request via ‘MIGRIS’ you must personally address regards to the issuance (changing) of the temporary residence permit and submit biometric data, and original documents.

IMPORTANT! Do not postpone migration questions or the residence permit renewal/issues to the last minute because migration processes take a long time and there are a lot of foreigners studying/working in Lithuania. It is very important that you stay legally in Lithuania throughout whole your study term and avoid being forced to return to your home country or be deported.

Services of the Migration Department abroad

IMPORTANT UPDATE!  From January 1, 2023, applications for a temporary residence permit can be submitted through external service providers abroad.

  • The decision to issue LLG — will be within 1/2/3 months
  • It will take additional time to send the document abroad and time during which the external service provider will contact the foreigner to deliver the document to him
  • The foreigner will come to Lithuania with LLG (no additional visas will be required)
  • However, it is possible to order LLG abroad and pick it up in Lithuania (convenient for those foreigners who do not need visas to enter Lithuania)
  • All foreigners can contact the external service provider of the Migration Department in a specific country, regardless of whether they reside in that country or not.

These documents shall be added to the request:

All other up-to-date relevant information and online application can be found information for incoming students 

Please be aware that it is students' personal responsibility to apply for applicable migration documents and present all required documents in a timely manner throughout their studies at Vilnius Academy of Arts. We are not responsible for the activities, or services provided to you by the third-party companies mentioned above.