How to apply

Please note, you need to have your own portfolio when applying to the VDA. These should be your works, creations uploaded online with a link to Google Drive, social networks, video, or website, your blog, etc. 

Please avoid sending your portfolio through file-sharing programs where uploaded material must be downloaded within a limited time, such as Wetransfer.

On the system:

1. From the top menu bar, under Apply for degree studies click on the Application portal.

2. Select the desired degree card and click Apply.


3. You will be redirected to the Application portal.

4.  Enter the desired programme, select filter options below (degree, terms, and languages) and click Find programmes.

5. After selecting a program from the results, click Apply now ! (please note that admissions must have started).


Once you have completed filling out the application - we will review it and forward it to the relevant department of the program you are applying for. 
After the department has reviewed your portfolio and verified that it meets the minimum requirements, we will issue you a pre-acceptance letter and invite you to an admission interview, which usually takes place at the end of June - beginning of July.