Doctoral department & SODAS 2123 invites on October 30th 4pm to the two artists-researchers talks and films previews in doctoral house C1, room 102, Malūnų g. 3, Vilnius. The artists are in Kingfisher residency which will end with their contribution in the symposium “Not Quite King, Not Quite Fish” Nov 8-11th

2 short film preview by George Finlay Ramsay

CASTOROCENE (16mm to digital, 12 mins, colour, sound, 2021)
After humans have destroyed the world (again) a beaver swims up from a forgotten swamp and rebuilds the world from zilch.


Nursted, from the sleep side (16mm to digital, 13 mins, colour, sound, 2023)
An invitation to enter Nursted, from the sleep side, passing through the threshold, and arriving into what seems like waking, just in time to see the sun set.

After watching film George will talk a bit about what he has been working on here in SODAS 2123 residency, for the Empedocles Syndrome performance on 10th at the Kingfisher symposium:

For in the past I have been a boy and a girl, a shrub and a bird and the fish that leaps from the sea as it travels.

A performance lecture excavated from research for the proposed feature film The Empedocles Clause, which charts two voyages up Mt Etna separated by 2500 years, and draws lines between the Pre-Socratics, early cinema,Tristram Shandy, photogrammetry and Lynn Margulis.

George Finlay Ramsay Bio
George Finlay Ramsay (b. 1988, Dundee, Scotland) is an artist working with poetry, ritual and analogue filmmaking. In 2017 & 2018 he burned hundreds of people’s regrets inside volcanoes across Eurasia. His fake epic poem Raven’s Reprise (2020) tells of a trickster raven travelling through the pandemic and remaking the world to her better designs. His short film CASTOROCENE (2021) sees beavers re-build the world after humans have destroyed it. Mid length film Family Fugue (2022) is about how we are haunted by, and in turn haunt our ancestors. Nursted, from the sleep side (2023) and Flesh, Wax & Glass (2023) deal with the idea of a house falling asleep, and the complexities of filming sacred rituals respectively.
He is currently making plans to have his body thrown into a volcano after he dies.
In 2023 he was shortlisted for the Margaret Tait award and his work has been presented at Art Basel (CH), Barbican (UK), Beijing People’s Art Theatre (CN), BFI Southbank (UK), Camden Arts Centre (UK), Centre for Contemporary Art (SC), Matadero (SP), Meyerhold Centre (RU),, NTS Radio, L’Orto Botanico di Roma (IT), LUX Scotland (SC), Atletika (LT) & Rupert Residency (LT).

>>>>>>>>>> Ulvi Haagensen>>>>>>
She will show and talk about
things that sit on boundaries can be hard to categorise, they can be ambiguous and confusing but in the best possible way. My PhD research is about the lines between art, art-making and everyday life. I enjoy moments when non-art meets art-art, especially when it involves domestic housework like cleaning and tidying, and everyday objects like tablecloths, lamps and all the things in between.
In my presentation I will be talking about a shortage of cutlery, about embroidery and collaborating, about caring and not caring, and about remaining optimistic.

Ulvi Haagensen is an artist and PhD candidate in artistic research at the Estonian Academy of Arts.
She was born in Sydney, Australia, but has been living, working and teaching in Tallinn for many years. She studied in Sydney at City Art Institute (BA), Randwick College of Technical and Further Education (Jewellery Design Certificate), and College of Fine Art, University of New South Wales (MFA). Her art practice is multi-disciplinary and combines installation, sculpture, drawing, writing, performance and video with everyday practices to explore what happens when the edges between art and everyday life are blurred. She has had solo exhibitions in Estonia, Australia, Sweden and Lithuania, and her work is held in public collections in Australia and Estonia.

Ulvi Haagensen residency at SODAS 2123 is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

“Kingfisher” research residency is organised by Doctoral Department of Vilnius Academy of Arts in collaboration with SODAS 2123. All residents will have artist-research talk and present and/or perform their work in the Research Symposium “Not Quite King, Not Quite Fish” which will happen on the November 8-11th at Vilnius Academy of Arts and SODAS 2123. More

SODAS 2123 residency program supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius city municipality.