VDA Doctoral department invites you to join Research Bar together with two doctoral candidates Fadwa Bouziane & Hannah Foley who are at @Sodas 2123 “Kingfisher” residency programme. They have participated in the symposium “Not Quite King, Not Quite Fish”

Date and time: 28th November, 17:00-18:30
Place: VDA 102 aud. (Malūnų str. 3, Vilnius)

Fadwa Bouziane


Fadwa examines cultural tensions, including loss of identity, geographic displacement, trauma and race and gender relations based on personal experiences related to her family life.

These personal experiences include stories told by her parents immigrated from Morocco and Haiti to Canada. She states: In the course of our everyday lives, we assimilate information from our surroundings. We translate information into how we move through the world, how we speak, and more. Each gesture we make is a reflection of perceptions drawn from our environment. The artist is asking herself, What your body is trying to tell you? How can you use your body in a different narrative from the one you have told so far?


Fadwa Bouziane was born in a small town called Cowansville in Québec. Her mother Farida bouziane is an Amazigh Indigenous Moroccan and her father Ulrick St-Louis is Haitian.

Fadwa Bouziane begins by acknowledging where she is from because that is what leads the artist to where she is right now, at this specific moment in time. She is a presenting Black woman, Bi, raised in a Muslim household where the bible and the Quran were sitting at the same night table. Fadwa has grown up between three distinctive cultures trying to find a sense of belonging and being forced into white spaces. She is pursuing her education in Ireland as a second-year Ph.D. candidate.

Hannah Foley


Hannah Foley’s PhD research seeks a posthuman performance art methodology sustained by hydrofeminist understandings of the body. The research focuses on the ‘hydropoetics’ of affective encounter, through translation and collaboration with more-than-human bodies of water. What does it mean to perform as, and with, watery bodies? How might performative engagements exist across place and time, in ways that exceed or subvert the performance document?

In this performative artist-talk, Hannah will discuss tools for more-than-human watery collaboration, including modes of attuning, enacting, and scoring performative encounters. The talk will focus on her recent work with the ‘Bridgewater Jerry’ (a place-specific river fog, which forms in her hometown of nipaluna / Hobart) and will also touch on previous and ongoing explorations with rivers, tarns and hydro-electric dams.


Hannah Foley is an inter-disciplinary artist and curator, based in nipaluna/Hobart (AUS), conducting PhD research at the University of Tasmania. Hannah’s process-driven practice considers the political, phenomenological, and conceptual body, as a means to explore existing and speculative ways to be with/in the world. Past projects have incorporated performance, installation, text, and sound; each work beginning with the body through processes of gestural and lived investigation. Recent works have involved sculpting air through collaborative and performative breathing, ice-scores embedded with bubbles of sonic field-performances, and kinetic fog-gathering sculptures. During her residency at SODAS 2123, Hannah has been working on her research, translating strategies of watery collaboration to engage with Vilnia and Neris rivers.

Hannah Foley (she/her)

The meetings will be moderated by Prof. Dr. Vytautas Michelkevičius.

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