VDA Doctoral department invites you to join Research Bar together with Dr Madaleine Trigg who is at @Sodas 2123 “Kingfisher” residency programme. She has participated in the symposium “Not Quite King, Not Quite Fish”

Date and time: 21st November, 1:15 PM
Place: VDA 102 aud. (Malūnų str. 3, Vilnius)

In this artist talk I will focus upon the creative practice that emerged out of my PhD research. During this doctoral work I explored interrelations between human and non-human bodies through a series of iterative contact improvisations with dough, yeasts, wheat and the camera. Contact improvisations are a movement practice where the movement is not planned prior but instead evolves through the contact between bodies. Practicing post humanism through performance, these contact improvisations explore how human bodies are moved by materials and companion species.

A selection of these contact improvisations will be screened to contextualize and expand on the practical and philosophical implications of moving with our companion species. 'Body-Made-Bread' follows the process of making bread from bodily fluids and is filmed from underneath to expose the material (and echo the microscopic) interactions that are occurring. 'Cocklebreads' re-enacts a historical recipe where a woman kneads dough with her bottom, offering an example whereby the camera becomes another collaborator within the kneading process. 'Within the Wheatfield' captures and condenses five months of growing wheat into a 20 minute film. Filmed from the ground, the activities of companion species (birds, bees and elements such as the sun and wind) are the focus of this frame.

Madaleine Trigg Biography

Madaleine is a performance artist, photographer, researcher and lecturer. Her creative practice focuses on the interrelations between bodies, movement and materials. Originally from the UK, Madaleine moved to Wellington (Aotearoa/New Zealand, 2018-2023) to pursue a creative practice led PhD.

Early works include the solo performance, Sutre, which featured a disintegrating dress, was transformed into a hologram for the Kinetica Art Fair (2011), long listed for the 2013 Aesthetica Art Prize and represented the UK at the Extreme Costume Exhibition, Prague Quadrennial (2011).

Other performances have been presented at the Institute of Contemporary Art (2007/2008), National Theatre Studios (2009), SHUNT lounge (2009), BAC (2010), Roundhouse (2011), Royal College of Art (2016), Saatchi Gallery (2016), Southbank Centre (2018) and Performance Arcade (2019). Madaleine has toured her work internationally, travelling to Berlin, Brussels, Cologne, Freising, Helsinki, Naples, Nelson, Prague, Porto, Wellington, Verona, Vitoria and Zagreb.

Madaleine has recently published a chapter on her doctoral research, ‘Kneading Bodies’, for Posthumanism in Practice (edited by Christine Daigle and Matt Hayler, Bloomsbury).

She is currently a visiting lecturer on the MA/MFA Scenography course at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (London).


Within the Wheatfield

Stills from Body-Made-Bread and the PhD practice can be found in the chapter 'Kneading Bodies'

Photographic works: Madaleine Trigg – Obsolete and Discontinued