Updated the procedure of the Work safety briefing in the laboratories

The Academy’s Art and Design Lab, which consists of design, photography and media art, graphics, ceramics, monumental painting and scenography, restoration and preservation, metal, textile workshops and printing centre with all the latest equipment is open to all students. A part of Photography lab is this photography studio, available for all students of the Academy.

Woodworking lab features all the necessary equipment for furniture and model making from wood, plywood and particle board.

Creative work in progress at textile art lab.



For the implementation of students‘ ideas, the Costume design lab offers not only modern machinery, but also the assistance of experienced professionals.

Rules of work procedure
Vilnius faculty Art and Design labaratory

Students, guest students and lecturers may work in VF Art and Design laboratory only after:

  • Attending work health and safety courses, which take place at the beginning of autumn and spring semesters;
  • Familiarizing with general manuals of hardware and equipment use;
  • Familiarizing with and signing for material safety data sheets of chemicals and mixtures used VF Art and Design laboratory;
  • Signing the Workplace health and safety briefing log;
  • Familiarizing with VF Art and Design laboratory’s work and safety rules. Each laboratory has unique rules that can be found on the website of Vilnius Academy of Arts or displayed on the premises of each laboratory.

When working in VF Art and Design laboratory students, guest students and lecturers:

  • Must conserve materials, inventory and other VAA’s and VF Art and Design laboratory’s assets;
  • Must adhere VF Art and Design laboratory’s work procedures, work and safety rules, Laboratory’s rules and other procedures;
  • Can be temporary or permanently suspended from working in Laboratory for not complying with said rules and procedures;
  • Can be held responsible and required to compensate, in accordance with the procedures established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and internal rules of VAA, for any damages caused to VAA’s or VF Art and Design laboratory’s property by either intentional or unintentional actions while not complying with said rules and procedures.