Ceramics Laboratory

Ceramics laboratory

Maironio str. 6, Vilnius

Head of laboratory Jurgita Jasinskaitė

Mob. 8 618 02091 jurgita.jasinskaite@vda.lt
Specialist for practical training of students Janas Dmuchovskis Mob. 8 616 74136 janas.dmuchovskis@vda.lt
Specialist for practical training of students Robertas Reketis    robertas.reketis@vda.lt 

The work performed in the Ceramics laboratory includes all technological processes of ceramics. These are preparation of clay, extruding, different forming, drying, polishing, making of plaster molds, milling of glazes, glazing, firing in electric and wood-fired kilns. Specialized laboratory spaces and equipment are adapted for this purpose.

Clay section

  • Pug mill (for wedging of clay, blending and mixing of different clays as well as for recycling of scraps).
  • Slab Roller (for slab rolling).
  • Work tables, 2 pcs (for clay forming and slip casting).
  • Gypsum table (for drying clay masses).
  • Drying room (for drying works).
  • Portable manual and power tools.

Chemical material room

  • Ball mill (for milling dry and wet materials in porcelain jars and mixing individual glazes).
  • Scales.
  • Glaze samples.


  • Spray booth, air compressor and sprayer  (for spraying glazes).
  • Work table (for glazing).

Grinding room

  • Sharpener (for grinding, polishing, forming fired ceramic works).

Kiln room

Electric kilns:

  • WK-500, chamber dimensions: width 600, height 900, depth 900 (1280 °C);
  • W-800, chamber dimensions: width 740, height 1180, depth 1050 (1280 °C);
  • ROHDE, chamber dimensions: width 470, height 680, depth 640 (1300 °C);
  • ROHDE, chamber dimensions: width 410, height 340, depth 380 (1280 °C);
  • ROHDE, chamber dimensions: width 400, height 450 (1320 °C);
  • ROHDE, chamber dimensions in mm: width 450, height 460 (1320 °C).

Main workshop and throwing workshop

  • Potter‘s wheels (4 pcs. mobile, 4 pcs. stationary).
  • Slab Roller (for slab rolling).
  • Work tables 5 pcs.

Plaster room

  • Enclosures and clamps for making molds.
  • Gypsum molds.
  • Work tables 3 pcs.

Outside yard

  • Raku and leaven ceramic wood-fired kiln.
  • High temperature wood-fired kiln.
  • Black ceramic wood-fired kiln.

Ceramics laboratory work rules