Monumental Arts Laboratory

Monumental Arts Laboratory

Maironio str. 4, Vilnius

Head of laboratory Algimantas Kensminas

Mob. 8 682 47359

Specialist for practical training of students Daina Ališauskaitė Zinovičienė

Stained glass training building

Jasinskio str. 16A, Vilnius

Specialist for practical training of students Česlovas Šimonis
(stained glass)

Mob. 8 699 07272  
Specialist for practical training of students Kęstutis Šimonis
(stained glass)
Mob. 8 699 07271

Fresco – mosaic workshop. Room No. 004

Fresco-mosaic workshop is designed for the implementation of wall painting, fresco, sgraffito practical tasks and technological studies.

Equipment used in the workshop:

  • Manual electric mixer for preparation of plaster and concrete mixtures up to 15 kg;
  • Hand-operated slag splitting machines used for splitting slag, stoneware tiles, marble;
  • Manual tile cutting machines, which can cut tiles up to 30 cm wide;
  • Power ceramic tile cutting machines used for cutting ceramic tiles, marble and glass up to 8 mm thick;
  • Power sharpener for sharpening sgraffito cutting tools;
  • Other small hand and power tools used in the process of creating frescoes and mosaics.

Up to eight students can comfortably work in the laboratory room at a time.

Scenography workshop. Room No. 215

This workshop is arranged for making of costumes, small scale stage models, puppets. It is equiped with sewing mashines and tools for costume making, as well as differend manual and electric tools for making of stage models and puppets: cardboard cutting and assembling, wire bending, soldering of low-voltage lighting system, etc. You also can find wide range of textile for costume making there. It is possible for six students to work in there at once.

Priming room, Maironio str. 6.

The priming room is specialized in the preparation of canvases and cardboard for painting works. Here it is possible to perform canning and priming of canvas on stretchers, cardboard, canvas or wood panels. The priming room has an electric heating plate for primer preparation and heating, a refrigerator for its storage, workbenches, racks for drying. The equipment can be used by VAA students of all departments and VAA staff.

Up to three people / students can comfortably work in the priming room at the same time. If you have practical questions about priming and time adjustment, you can contact the laboratory employee Konstantinas Gaitanži phone: 8 613 62666 or by e-mail:

Stained glass workshop, Jasinskio str. 16A

This workshop is arranged for executing classical leaded stained glass compositions, for glass fusing and glass molding. There is a wide range of colored glass, float glass, glass paints and enamels. Students from all departments as well as Erasmus students are welcome to work in there.

Stained glass workshop is equipped with:

  • tables with light equipment for painting on glass;
  • electric kilns for firing flat glass;
  • tables and tools for assembling glass in led cames.

Electric computer controlled kilns are also suitable for glass fusing, bending, molding. There are two experienced, highly qualified stained glass masters working in there. It is possible to work comfortably for 8 students at once.

Please contact the laboratory employee Kęstutis Šimonis phone number 8 699 07 271 or via email

Monumental Arts Laboratory work rules