Print center

Only the community of Vilnius academy of arts may use the Print center services for the purposes of study process. The payment for services is accepted only via bank payment cards – payment by cash is not possible.

The Print center provides these services for a fee*:

• small and large format printing on a variety of papers, photopaper, adhesive films;

• comb binding of various sizes;

• laminating;

• contour cutting of adhesive films from provided files;

• production of round pin badges and magnets from provided drawings;

• application of adhesive films to cardboard or other rigid sheets;

• 3D printing of objects from provided 3D models.

* Services are charged according to approved temporary rates.

The Print center allows students and employees to perform these services, which are free of charge, on their own:

• scan documents up to A3;

• cut paper, cardboard and films with a box cutter knife on a cutting mat or with a manual trimmer or manual guillotine;

• apply adhesive film to cardboard;

• crease paper;

• perforate paper;

• round corners of sheets;

• punch out holes in paper or cardboard.

The Print center uses the following equipment:

Multifunction printer Xerox Altalink C8135 – LED dry toner printer. Print, scan and copy functionality. Printable sheet sizes range from A4 to SRA3 (smaller sizes may be combined into a single larger sheet), it is also possible to print extra-long / banner sheets. If needed for a large job, it is possible to order different paper, if suitable for the printer, from a selection of supplier catalogs. (Inquire in advance at the Print center). Prices for monochrome printing of text documents and technical drawings (estimated area coverage up to 15%):

Prices for monochrome and color printing:

Large format printer Epson Surecolor P9000 – high-quality inkjet printer using water-based pigment inks. Prints from a roll or in sheets. Print sizes: from A3 to non-standard size, the maximum print width depends on the roll width of the selected material (depends on the manufacturer: 0,6, 1,06 or 1,1 m wide). Smaller formats are combined along the roll width or into larger sheets. Prints done with water-based pigment inks is not resistant to outdoor conditions. If needed for a large job, it is possible to order different paper, if suitable for the printer, from a selection of supplier catalogs. (Inquire in advance at the Print center).

Prices for large format printing:

Vinyl cutter (plotter) GCC Puma IV LX – the device is intended for cutting of shapes from adhesive films from a vector contour. There is an option to cut printed stickers. The maximum working width is 59 cm, the maximum length is 100 cm. The maximum working area for cutting printed stickers is smaller due to required registration marks. If needed for a large job, it is possible to order different films, if suitable for the cutter, from a selection of supplier catalogs. (Inquire in advance at the Print center). The shown price is for medium-sized elements (for example a 4,5 cm tall text). The final cost of contour cutting depends on the complexity of the vector contour.

Prices for contour cutting:

3D printers Bambu lab X1 Carbon, Snapmaker J1S and Prusa I3 MK3S+ with MMU3 addon – the 3D printers use fused filament fabrication technology – thermoplastic filament is used, which is melted and extruded to form objects layer-by-layer. This technology is the most abundant and the most affordable. Bambu Lab X1C – 25x25x25 cm (minus 3x3cm area in one corner). Single extruder high speed printer. Usually, can complete the same job twice as fast, compared to other available printers, without compromising visual quality too much. Snapmaker J1S – 30x20x20 cm standard or 15x20x20 cm copy and mirror mode. (Copy mode makes two identical objects, mirror mode makes one as in file and another mirrored along X axis). Dual extruder printer allows to use two colors, two materials or soluble supports in a single job. Using dual materials/colors needs a purge block, thus the print volume is reduced and print time slightly increases. Prusa Mk3S+ - 25x21x21 cm. Single extruder printer. Has an E3D Revo hotend, which allows quick and safe nozzle changes to adapt to job specifics. The MMU3 addon allows for up to 5 colors in a single job or up to 4 colors and soluble supports. Due to the technicalities of this process, the print times increase, as well as material usage, a purge block is needed and there’s an increased risk of failure. The main materials used are: PLA, PETG, TPU, soluble support. It is possible to order specific colors or material types (inquire in advance at the Print center). The actual price of 3D printing depends on the material, desired parameters (layer height, infill percentage etc.) and the complexity of the model.

Two manual paper trimmers KW Trio – for cutting paper, cardstock and films. One trimmer can cut up to 50 cm wide, the other – up to 130 cm. Maximum thickness of paper – up to 0,7 mm.

Manual guillotine Ideal 1100 – for cutting paper, cardstock and thin cardboard. Maximum cut width is 110 cm. Maximum thickness of material – up to 4 mm.

Electric guillotine Ideal 4860 – professional guillotine, designed to cut stacks of paper. Unlike other trimmers available, this device is not designed to cut single sheets, but many at once - perfect for finishing booklets, flyers, cards or preparing paper for the printer. The minimum cutting depth is 3,5 cm, the maximum is 45 cm. The maximum width of the sheet is 47 cm. The maximum stack height is up to 8 cm. The minimum number of sheets for trimming is 5. Prints of various sizes can be cut (up to A3), files must be with 3 mm margins.

Stapler Angraf X-14 –  electric stapler for binding together paper sheets using metal staples. Up to 40 sheets of thin paper can be stapled at one time.

Comb binders Renz SRW 360 and Opus Bono Plus – for punching holes in sheets and binding them with a special comb. Metal or plastic combs are used. Maximum perforation length: Renz – 36 cm, Opus – 30 cm. The maximum number of thin sheets that can be bound is 510. Non-standard formats from A6 to A3 can be bound.

Prices for binding*:

* The specified amounts for sheets is for thin 80 gsm paper.

Creasing and perforating machine Cyklos GPM 315 –  intended for creating a fold line (creasing) or punching perforations in sheets of paper. Working width is 31.5 cm, paper up to 400 gsm can be used for creasing, 250 gsm for perforating.

Round corner cutter Warrior 21144 – for rounding corners of paper, cardboard, laminated paper and some soft plastic sheets. There are multiple radii knives and a hole-punching knife. The maximum thickness of stack to be cut is 10 mm.

Badge and magnet press Badge Maker 900 Flexi –  intended for making pin badges and magnets with a diameter of 59 mm. Printed graphics must be 69 mm in diameter. A cutter is included to help cut the circles to the correct size out of printed graphics.

Prices for the production of badges and magnets, including printing:

Small format pouch laminator Renz Lamigator – intended to protect paper documents from liquid, dirt and mechanical damage, provides rigidity. Special plastic pouches are used, which are fused to the sheet of paper on both sides. The maximum size of the laminated sheet is A3, the maximum thickness is up to 0.8 mm (including the laminate). The envelopes used are 125 microns thick. Important: high temperatures can damage heat-sensitive materials (such as receipts).

Large format cold roll laminator Kaltlaminator – intended for applying adhesive films on flat surfaces: paper, cardboard, PS/PVC foam boards, plastic boards; heavy boards such as stone slabs are not suitable. The device can be used to apply printed adhesive films quickly, without wrinkles or hand-scratching marks. It is possible to apply not only an adhesive film, but also a transparent laminate onto a printed sheet in order to make the print more resistant to water, dirt and outdoor conditions (for the price of the laminate, ask the Print center). The maximum thickness of the base is about 10 mm, the width is 73 cm.

Prices for lamination*:

*The prices do not include materials.

You may reserve time in advance for print services, which gives priority over the live queue:

  • you must reserve in advance, but no later than 24 hours beforehand;
  • reservation is made on the reservation sheets, which are posted near the door of the Print center, or the reservation can be made by writing from a VAA mailbox via contact posted below;
  • if you are late, the priority is lost and the Print center serves in a live queue;
  • reservation may be made by a single person or a group.

You may get work tools for use, after the possibilities of satisfying the request are evaluated. The tools are issued by signing in the registration journal.

For consultation and any questions you may have, you can contact the Print center specialist via e-mail or by phone +370 696 18 276.