Print center

Only the VAA community may use the Print center. The Print centre only accepts payment by bank cards.

The Print center provides these services*:

  • printing in small and large formats on various paper, photo paper, adhesive films;
  • coil binding in various sizes;
  • lamination;
  • cutting / plotting of shapes from adhesive vinyls from provided files;
  • production of round badges and magnets from provided drawings;
  • application of adhesive films onto cardboard and other rigid sheets;
  • printing objects with a 3D printer from provided 3D models.

*Services are paid according to approved rates.

At the Print center, students and employees can independently and free of charge:

  • scan documents up to A3 size;
  • cut paper and cardboard with a hobby knife on a cutting mat and a guillotine;
  • apply adhesive films onto cardboard;
  • crease (make a bend line);
  • perforate paper;
  • round the corners of sheets;
  • punch holes.

Equipment used in the Print center:

  • Epson wide format printer;
  • Xerox All-In-One Printer;
  • Contour cutter / plotter;
  • 3D printer;
  • Manual paper guillotine;
  • Tabletop trimmer;
  • Stapler;
  • Coil binders;
  • Creaser - perforator;
  • Corner rounder;
  • Badge and magnet press;
  • Tabletop large format cold laminator.

VAA students and employees, planning their time to perform services, have the opportunity to reserve  time for them in advance, no later than 1 day beforehand. Some tools can be lent to students and staff, who know how to use them properly, by signing in the inventory issuance journal. For consultation and questions, you can contact the Print center specialist Artūras Pagalys by email, Tel.: (85) 2105 478, 8 696 182 76, Maironio g. 3, room Nr. 027.

Print center work rules