Print center

Only students and lecturers of Vilnius Academy of Arts may use services of the Print center to print their creative works. Only bank cards are used to pay for services in the Print center.

The Print center provides these services for a fee*:

  • printing of small and large formats on various paper, photo paper, adhesive films;
  • comb binding of various sizes;
  • laminating;
  • contour cutting of adhesive films from submitted files;
  • production of round badges and magnets from a provided drawing;
  • application of adhesive films onto cardboard and other rigid sheets;
  • 3D printing of objects from provided 3D model.

*Services are paid according to approved temporary rates.

The Print center allows students and staff to perform these services on their own, which are free of charge:

  • scan documents up to A3;
  • cut paper and cardboard with a box cutter knife on a cutting mat or with a manual trimmerm, or a hand guillotine;
  • apply adhesive film to cardboard;
  • make crease lines in paper;
  • perforate paper;
  • round corners of sheets;
  • make holes in sheets.

The Print center uses the following equipment:

  • Multifunction printer Xerox Altalink C8135
    Laser printing using dry toner as well as copying and scanning. It is possible to print sheets from A4 to SRA3 size (smaller sizes can be combined into one larger sheet), it is possible to print on extra long sheets (banner sheets).
    Prices of black and white printing of text documents and line drawings (estimated area coverage up to 15%).
  • Large format printer Epson Stylus Pro 9900
    High quality printing with water-based pigmented inks. Printing can be done on roll paper or sheets. The print size is available from A3 to the desired size, with a maximum print width of 0,61 m or 1,10 m, depending on the selected roll paper width. Prints with water-based pigment inks are not resistant to outdoor conditions. It is possible to print on a different type of paper by choosing from the catalog (inquire in advance at the Print center).
    Prices for large format printing.
  • Vinyl cutter GCC Puma IV LX
    For cutting of shapes in adhesive vinyl films from vector files. It is possible to contour cut printed stickers. The maximum cutting width for adhesive film is 59 cm, the maximum length is 100 cm. The maximum cutting area for cutting printed stickers is smaller due to registration marks.
    Estimated price is for medium-sized items (such as 4,5 cm high letters). The final cost of contour cutting depends on the complexity of the vector contours.
    Prices for contour cutting.
  • 3D printer Flashforge Dreamer and 3D printer Prusa I3 MK3s+
    Printing is performed using fused filament fabrication technology and thermoplastics.
    3D printer Dreamer - maximum working volume is 23 x 15 x 14 cm (length x width x height). The following materials are used in the Print center: PLA, TPU plastics.
    3D printer Prusa I3 MK3s+ - maximum working volume is 25 x 21 x 21 cm (length x width x height). The following materials are used in the press center: PLA, PETG, TPU plastics.
    It is possible to order other types of plastics (inquire in advance at the Print center).
    Actual cost of 3D printing depends on material type, desired printing parameters (layer height, wall thickness, internal density) and the complexity of the object.
    Prices for 3D printing.
  • Two manual rotary trimmers KW Trio
    For cutting paper, card stock and thin films. One cutter can make a maximum cut length of up to 50 cm, and the other cutter can make a maximum cut length of up to 132 cm.

  • Manual guilliotine Ideal 1100
    For cutting paper, card stock, thin cardboard. The maximum length of the cut is 110 cm.
  • Stapler Angraf X-14
    For fastening paper with metal staples. Up to 20 sheets of plain paper can be stapled at a time.
  • Comb binders Renz SRW 360 and Opus Bono Plus
    For punching holes in sheets and binding them with a comb. Metal or plastic combs are used. Maximum perforation length: Renz – 36 cm, Opus – 30 cm. Maximum number of sheets to bind – 510.
    Prices for binding.
  • Creaser-perforator Cyklos GPM 315
    For pressing a fold line or a perforation in paper sheets. Working length 31,5 cm. Up to 400 gsm paper for creasing and 250 gsm for perforation.
  • Round corner cutter Warrior 21144
    For rounding corners of paper, cardboard, laminated paper and some soft plastic sheets. There are blades of multiple radii and a hole punch. Maximum stack height is 10 mm.
  • Badge and magnet press Badge Maker 900 Flexi
    For making 59 mm diameter pin badges and magnets. The pritned graphic must be 69 mm diameter. Set includes a cutter, which helps to prepare suitable size circles.
    Prices for bages and magnets, with printing price included.
  • Large format cold laminator Kaltlaminator
    For application of adhesive films and printed adhesive films or laminating on smooth surfaces - paper, cardboard, PS / PVC foam boards, plastic sheets, heavy substrates, such as stone mass boards, are not suitable. This laminator allows quick application of the substrate without wrinkles or scuffing.
    It is possible to apply not only an adhesive film, but also a transparent laminate on a print to give it increased resistance to water, dirt and outdoor conditions (for the price of the laminate, contact the Print center). The maximum thickness of the base is about 10 mm, width - 73 cm. The base on which to apply the adhesive film is provided by the client.
    Prices for lamination.

Schedule your time for services, you have the opportunity to reserve time in advance, but no later than 1 day before. Registration sheets are hung on the door of the Print center.
Some tools can be issued for take-out to students and staff, who know how to use them properly, by registering them in the inventory issue log.
For consultations and questions, you can contact Artūras Pagalys, the Print center specialist, by e-mail, Tel.: (85) 2105 478, 8 696 182 76, Maironio g. 3, room Nr. 027.

Print center work rules