Graphics Laboratory

Graphics Laboratory

Malūnų str. 5, Vilnius

Head of laboratory Sigitas Faraponis Mob. 8 616 56456
Specialist for practical training of students
Vladas Liatukas
Specialist for practical training of students
Vytautas Bielinis

The premises of the Graphics Laboratory have an excellent base for students to learn, and has an area of more than 500 square meters, for renovation of which significant European Union funds have been invested.

The laboratory has:

  • Silkscreen printing section (screen printing);
  • Lithography section (flat printing);
  • Etching section (intaglio);
  • Letterpress section (xylography);
  • Bookbinding.

It is also possible to print graphic works with offset lithography and photopolymer techniques.

The silkscreen printing section has three printing tables made in Czech Republic, a UV exposure unit for making screens, a four-color carousel screen printing machine for t-shirt printing, silk screen washing bath, high pressure washing machine.

The laboratory has a multifunction printer, a stationary computer, a hob used in etching equipment, as well as centuries-old and modern machines:

  • One of the most advanced equipment is the „Polymetaal“ etching press, which allows intaglio printing of works up to 160 x 300 cm. Only a few dozen owners in the world boast about owning such equipment today;
  • The oldest laboratory machine is the lithographic machine "Heinrich Steinberg". It was made in 1870, but is still usable today.

The laboratory has a specially equipped acid etching room with a fume hood, all sections are equipped with exhaust ventilation.

Workplaces are adapted to work with personal computers, the following number of students may work comfortably at a time:

  • Up to two students in silkscreen printing;
  • Up to six students in lithography;
  • Up to six students in etching;
  • Up to four students in bookbinding.

Students and employees from all Departments of VAA can carry out their creative activities, that are compatible with the study process, in these premises, by making a reservation in advance. If you have any questions you can contact the Head of the laboratory Sigitas Faraponis by phone: 8 616 56456.

Graphics Laboratory work rules