Metal Laboratory

Metal laboratory

Malūnų str. 3, Vilnius

Head of laboratory Ramūnas Alminas 

Mob. 8 620 53212
Specialist for practical training of students Jonas Gencevičius Mob. 8 610 03108

Vilnius Academy of Arts/ Vilnius faculty/ Metal Laboratory

In the Metal Laboratory, students of all departments of the Vilnius Academy of Arts can implement their creative ideas by applying various metalworking technologies constructing, modeling spatial art objects and structures:

  • welding;
  • cutting;
  • bending;
  • drilling;
  • grinding;
  • turning;
  • milling.

There are two rooms:

  • metal casting;
  • metalworking and welding.

Room of metal casting

In the room you can make:

  • gypsum or silicone forms for small objects;
  • wax casting models;
  • cast models from bronze or aluminum.

Here is metal casting equipment:

  • electric hot plate;
  • electric heating furnace (molds burning, heating crucibles);
  • electric metal melting furnace;
  • sandblasting.

Room of metalworking and welding

There are welding equipment, metalworking equipment and tools:

  • MIG/MAG welding machine (semi-automatic);
  • TIG welding machine;
  • MMA welding machine;
  • mobile spot welding machine;
  • plasma cutting machine;
  • gas (oxygen, propane) welding equipment;
  • soldering equipment;
  • welding table (with supports and clamps).
  • metal lathes;
  • combined metal milling and drilling machine;
  • metal belt grinding machine;
  • grinding - sharpening machine;
  • metal band saw cutting machine;
  • profile rolling machine;
  • manual armature bending machine;
  • pipe bending machines (manual,hydraulic);
  • portable hand power and hand metalworking tools.

Metal casting equipment:

  • electric heating kilns (molds burning, heating crucibles);
  • electric metal melting furnace.

There is a screw compressor with an air preparation system as well.

Students working in the Metal laboratory are provided with equipment and tools for various technological processes as described in the presentation of the laboratory's capabilities.

All materials and tools necessary for the technological processes are provided to students in the laboratory:

  • welding materials (welding wires for various different metals, welding gases, electrodes, solders);
  • cutting, grinding, polishing materials and tools (saws, drills, milling cutters, chisels, abrasives, pastes).

Students have access to a range of materials:

  • various profiles and sheets of black metal;
  • various rods and sheets of non-ferrous metal and of stainless steel (issued upon approved request from the student's supervisor);
  • molding materials (clay, plasticine);
  • casting materials (silicone, gypsum, fireclay, wax);
  • bronze, aluminum (issued upon approved request from the student's supervisor).

Students are partially supplied with materials when carrying out their artistic experiments (according to point 7 of the "Work Rules of Metal Laboratory", approved Rector‘s order No. VĮU- 47, dated 2016-01-09).

Metal laboratory work rules