"Slow-Selfie. When Knowledge Becomes Image"
International Student Artist’s Books Exhibition 2024
Opening: March 6th, 5p.m
Exhibition will be on display: March 6th – 22nd

Interdepartmental collaboration and internationalisation towards collaborative, Project-based Learning applied to the teaching of undergraduate dissertations in the Grado (Bachelor´s Degree) in Fine Arts leading to an international exhibition of the Artist´s Book.

Slow Art
The Slow Movement is an antidote to the fast-paced lifestyle of the present times where faster is always better (from speeding up life´s activities to fast-food, etc.). Contrarily, the Slow Movement advocates a shift towards slowing down life´s pace (slow food, slow travel and slow philosophy approaches such as Byung-Chul Han´s). This movement has also permeated the process and production of art. Slow Art is the antithesis of any form of large-scale reproduction of art and mass art production. It also revitalises the capacity for reflexion and contemplation by the art beholder.

The antiselfie is the antithesis of the selfie and its immediate and exponential proliferation in social networks. It is put forward as a reflective educational exercise which requires self- knowledge as a first step towards any form of self-referential art production.

Curator of the project: Prof. Gloria Lapeña Gallego
Curator of the project from Lithuania: Prof. Kęstutis Vasiliūnas

Participants of the project:
University of Granada, Spain
Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania
University of Arts Magdalena Abakanowicz, Poznan, Poland

Students from Vilnius Academy of Arts, Graphic Department: Ona Dubakaitė, Jonė Dūdaitė, Anastasija Fokša, Emilija Grigaliūnaitė, Marija Gabrielė Karputė, Elzė Milašiūtė, Austėja Skrupskaitė, Eitvydas Žukas.

University of Granada: Israel Ángulo Magdaleno, Clara Bernabeu Morales, Alberto Cara Zurita, Lourdes María Castillo García, Ana Belén Gallardo Balboa, Elisa Isabel García Luque, Marta Gómez Gea, Carmen Liria, Teresa Morales Alcaraz, Victoria Navarrete Rodríguez, Azra Ramos Bonillo, Juan Antonio Sánchez Hernández, León Perales Sierra.

University of Arts Magdalena Abakanowicz, Poznan: Wiktoria Cichoń, Adela Fryczkowska, Julia Hazuka, Karolina Koterwas, Teresa Nuckowska, Alicja Orłowska, Monika Szczygieł, Agata Sophie Stemerowicz, Aleksandra Zwolankiewicz.

Sponsors: VDA, Erasmus+