17-24 September 2023 The Vilnius Academy of Arts Panemune Castle artist residency hosted the international workshop meeting lines... and more - Europien drawing workshop, initiated by audan kunststiftung*. 

Students were selected to participate in the programme on the basis of their portfolios and artistic applications. Six from various German art academies: Aulikki Laubinger (Berlin), Annika Nannt (Dresden), Sophia Berg (Berlin), Emma Resch (Leipzig), Ron Wohler (Frankfurt), Leah Morawe (Münster), and six students from the Graphic Art Department of the Vilnius Academy of Arts: Saulė Budriūnaitė, Elzė Milašiūtė, Kornelijus Ražanskas, Daria Podluzhna, Anhelina Blashchystyna, Nastassia Pazniak.

The core of the programme consisted of intensive week-long drawing workshop 'Materials+Activators=Image', often 16 hours a day, led by Prof. Marija Marcelionytė-Paliukė, prfossor of the Graphic Art Department of the VAA. Chef Jurgis Valiukevičius was an integral part of the residency programme, bringing everyone together for breakfast, lunch and dinner, followed by community evenings - lectures and artist talks. Joachim Bentrup (Berlin) gave a lecture on 'Approaching to drawing - and you?' and invited for a conversation about Europe. Photographer Franca Wohlt (Berlin) presented her artistic practice and gallery activities. M. Marcelionytė-Paliukė gave an illustrated presentation 'Materials+Activators=Image - results of workshops in Vilnius (2021), Riga (2022) and Olsztyn (2023)'.

The outcomes of the workshop - artistic statements, experiments, ideas, and localised solutions were presented in a joint exhibition of all 13 participants on 23 September 2023. The project was launched on 23 September 2023 at the VDA Panemunė Artists' Residency.

We invite you to take a look at the photo gallery!

Sponsored by: audan kunststiftung and Vilnius Academy of Arts


*The audan kunststiftung foundation, represented by Joachim Bentrup, pursues the objective of promotion of arts and culture, of education and formation and international understanding. One of the instruments of promotion is the realisation of cress-border artistic workshops for the young. 

Photos by Franca Wohlt ir Marija Marcelionytė-Pailiukė