Dr Jazmina Cininas, a well-known artist with Australian and Lithuanian citizenship, who lives in Melbourne, has been teaching printmaking and artist's books at RMIT University of the Arts since 1996, will be visiting the VAA Department of Graphic Arts and sharing her experience with students. Cininas will lead workshops for Academy students on three projects: 'The Artist's Sketchbook', 'The Reduction Linocut' and 'The Artist's Book', which will take place in a workshop format from 19 March to 10 May. The acquaintance with the artist will culminate with a visit to the opening of her latest solo exhibition at Kaunas Picture Gallery on 30 May.

Schedule of activities:

19 March, 11 am - open lecture / Artist talk by Jazmina Cininas. Presentation of samples and concepts of linocuts and artist's books. The artist will talk about the Lithuanian cultural identity and language fostered by being born, growing up, living, working and creating in Australia, about the existential connection to Lithuania and how the artist's linocut prints and artist's books, concepts and solo exhibitions (re)connect her to the land of her ancestors [VAA Department of Doctoral Studies building C1, Malūnų str. 3, room 102]

19-22 March, 13-17 March Workshops for registered students 
[VDA New building (Malūnų str. 5, Room 208, New Town/Graphics Lab]

4-5 March, 13-17 workshop for registered students 
[VDA New building (Malūnų str. 5, Room 208, New Town/Graphics Lab]

18-19 April, 13-17 hrs. Workshop for registered students 
[VDA New building (Malūnų str. 5, Room 208, New Town/Graphics Lab]

3 May visit to Jazminos Cininas' studio in Kaunas, where the artist is working on her future solo exhibition at Kaunas Picture Gallery during her residency.

9-10 May, 13-17 h. Workshop for registered students 
[VDA New building (Malūnų str. 5, Room 208, New Town/Graphics Lab]

30 May excursion to the opening of Jazmina Cininas' solo exhibition at Kaunas Picture Gallery.

Jasmina Cininas' unique set of creative skills includes advanced reduction linocut printing, a wide range of innovative and creative artist's bookbinding techniques, as well as ecologically sustainable artworks made from consumer waste. The aesthetic, conceptual artist's books and linocuts created by the artist are included in the collections of more than 30 museums and galleries worldwide. During his visit to the Vilnius Academy of Arts, Cininas will give a public illustrated lecture, conduct intensive practical workshops for students, share her know-how with fellow artists, and give a guided tour of her solo exhibition at the Kaunas Picture Gallery.

Jasmina Cininas' extensive art practice will serve as an example for students to think diversely and creatively about the materials used in order to achieve a more ecologically sustainable art practice. And Cininas' long-term and conceptual explorations of cultural hybridity, migration, and transformation will offer students new insights into their own cultural identity and how it can be explored in innovative and meaningful ways through art practice. Students will also have the opportunity to visit the artist's studio/residency in Kaunas, to see works in progress for the upcoming exhibition, and to experience the creative processes of a professional artist. Students will receive insights from the artist on their ongoing creative projects, expand their cultural knowledge, and have the opportunity to publicly present their work in a joint presentation of the workshop results.

Jazmina Cininas - a citizen of Austarlia-Lithuania, a recognised artist, a lecturer at one of the world's most renowned universities RMIT - draws exclusively on the Lithuanian cultural heritage in her art. Through her example, she invites us to rethink our own unique cultural identity and how these experiences can be conceptualised through various artistic practices. In the context of a global world, the artist's research into her own hybrid Australian-Lithuanian identity since 1992, using Baltic motifs and narratives of migration and transformation, and her defended dissertation (2014), are worthy of special attention and presentation to the students and community of the Vilnius Academy of Arts.

For more information about the artist: https://www.jazminacininas.com/art-projects.html

The visit was initiated and curated by Prof. Marija Marcelionytė-Paliukė, Department of Graphic Arts, VDA
The visit is funded by: the Educational Exchange Support Fund (ŠMPF) and Vilnius Academy of Arts

Jazmina Cininas “Trans Baltic-Tasman crossing”. 2018
Artist book with repurposed cover and collage from used business envelopes and discarded Lithuanian, Estonian and Australian reference books. 21 x 14 x 2.3 cm (closed)

Jazmina Cininas „Farmyard Lagerphones“ from used bottle caps and recycled timber. Photo: Andrius Lipšys

*Lagerphone is an Australian generally homemade percussion instrument consisting of crown cap beer bottle tops loosely nailed to a pole (often a broom handle) and a board mounted cross-ways on the pole (the head of the broom), and played by striking the pole on the ground or with a stick, by drawing the serrated stick across the pole, or by shaking the instrument.