On 10 April 2024 at 4pm, at 102 room (PHD department, Malūnų str. 3) an interdisciplinary artist Roma Auškalnytė, who is visiting the Department of Graphic Arts, will give  an open lecture- Artist's talk.

Roma Auskalnyte is Helsinki (Finland) based interdisciplinary artist. She is exploring body and its “fleshness” as material in art and in printmaking. How to actualise the importance of gesture, labour time and repetition which are always hidden behind the final print. Those processes influenced her and they led to new transformations of her ideas and artworks. Roma analyses body and it surface, how to work with and to work on it. Many works are inspired form the surrounding life: the talks, the sounds and what she observes around herself. She tends to experiment with different medias from printmaking to performance or even photography looking for the right way to express her thoughts and find a suitable language for the piece.

Roma Auskalnyte was born in 1988 in Lithuania. In 2004 she graduated from the Silute Art School, Lithuania. Roma received her BA in printmaking in 2012 from Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania. During her studies, in 2011, she was an exchange art student at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (UK) in the Fine Art department. After graduation, Roma worked at BIAD as a visiting lecturer: drawing tutor. From 2013 Roma was studying at the Finnish Academy of Arts (KUVA) Helsinki (FI) and received Master degree in printmaking in 2016. Supervisor for her works were performance artist John Court (Tornio FI/UK). In 2019 she received an PTP (Printer Training Program) certificate from Tamarind Institute (USA, Albuquerque). Roma actively participates in local and international exhibitions, her works has been exhibited and belongs to the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma (Finland), Grand Palais des Beaux Arts de Lille museum (France) and many personal collections. Currently Roma is residing and creating in Helsinki, Finland. Also she is a part of  Helsinki Litho studio and works as stone lithography and offset printer.

During the Artist' s talk, Roma Auškalnytė will also present her experience on being a member in the Helsinki Litho 

'Seer and the death of seer', still from video installation, 2021

'Layers', photography, 2022

Transmission 2, performance, 2021 

During her visit to Vilnius, the artist Roma Auškalnytė will present her works in the exhibition "The Stone Speaks", organised by the Vilnius Graphic Art Centre and presented by members of the Helsinki Lithography Studio at the gallery "Kairė-dešinė" (Latako str. 3). The opening of the exhibition will take place on 9 April at 6 pm.
Presented artists: Roma Auškalnytė, Kalle Berg, Matti Hintikka, Kuutti Lavonen and Kaisu Sirviö.
More about the exhibition

The presentation of the artist Roma Auškalnytė for the students of the Department of Graphic Arts is organised by lect. Elena Grudzinskaitė.