Continuation of the online series by professor and sculptor Henrik B. Andersen

We are delighted to invite you to the continuation of the online series by professor and sculptor Henrik B. Andersen in the Autumn semester of the academic year 2021/2022.  

In collaboration with the professor and painter Eamon O’ Kane from Bergen Academy of Fine Arts in Norway and professor and art historian Jacob Wamberg from Aarhus University in Denmark, Vilnius Academy of Arts will hold a series of online lectures this semester under the theme “Situating Contemporary Painting and Vitalist Fantasies”. In addition to the theme “Situating Contemporary Painting”, this semester's lecture series will also present a series of lectures entitled “From a Grain of Dust to the Cosmos”. The title is taken from the Danish Art Museum of Modern Art Arken (Arken Bulletin Volume 8, 2020), examining the field where contemporary art is mixed with scientific disciplines such as Physics, Astronomy and Biology.

Professor Henrik B. Andersen's from Vilnius Academy of Arts, series of online lectures will also continue in the Spring semester of 2021/2022, further developing last semester’s lectures and introductions to the world of concepts by the philosopher Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari. These series will address the relationship between the concept of abstraction - the pictorial representation and the concept of diagram in modern and current artistic practice. The reference is made to the book “Deleuze and the Diagram: Aesthetic Threads in Visual Organization (Continuum Studies in Continental Philosophy)” by Jakub Zdebik (2012) and to “From a Grain of Dust to the Cosmos” (Arken Bulletin Volume 8, 2020).

The preliminary schedule of the online lectures in the Autumn semester is listed below. All the lectures will start at 5 p.m. (LT time zone, GMT+3). Online lectures will be conducted in English.

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8th December 2021 - Sculptor and professor Henrik B. Andersen, Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania. 
Gilbert Simondon - mold or modulation, the organization of invisible attractions and the work of art in a themodynamic perspective in relation to art as a diagrammatic practice

15th December 2021 - Sculptor and professor Henrik B. Andersen, Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania. 

Lectures held:

6th October 2021 - Professor of Art History Jacob Warmberg, Aarhus University in Denmark.
Filtering the Real: On the Alchemy of Painting in Troels Wörsel’s Work.
In a both curious and complicated allegory recalling alchemy, the Danish painter Troels Wörsel (1950-2018) compared the genesis of painting with the making of a sauce. Unfolding this allegory and its references to Marcel Duchamp’s Large Glass, this lecture will reflect upon its broader implications for linking painting with conceptual art.

13th October 2021 - Sculptor and professor Henrik B. Andersen, Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania.
Formatting the Process of Research and Looking for Invisible Attractors.
The Secret of Art. From Albert Einstein to Pierre Huyghe. The presentation will discuss the function of research in contemporary art practices, in relation to philosophy and science and the relation between the cognitive process and a dynamic spatiotemporal context. To imagine something and the invisible factor, not the measurable entity, as a medicalization in the artistic process.

27th October 2021 -  Professor and Painter Eamon o’ Kane, Bergen Art Academy in Norway, and prof. Thomas Pihl.
Vitalistic Fantasies: Situating Contemporary Painting.
Professors will discuss their approaches to painting and have a discussion about their artist practices in relation to Isabelle Graw's term Vitalistic Fantasies. In 'The Love of Painting' Isabelle Graw writes: '...these kind of haptic events can give rise to what I call “vitalistic fantasies”: for example, the belief, going back to painting theorists in antiquity, that paintings bear some resemblance to their creators….It is important to realize that animistic concepts of this kind are not a thing of the past….He considers artworks to be “living objects” that “lead their own life and are equally energetically charge as we are….quasi subjects that are saturated with the life of their creator.“

10th November 2021 - Anne Kølbæk Iversen, Aarhus university, Denmark.
A Question of Scale. On Artistic Engagements with the Cosmos as a Political and Aesthetic Concept.
Anne Kølbæk Iversen is a Postdoctoral researcher at Aarhus University. Research project: Aesthetics of Shame - Infrastructures of Desire, funded by The Novo Nordisk Foundation, May 2021- April 2023. 

17th November 2021. Lea Porsager, Malmo Art Academy in Sweden.
Artist talk "UN/DRESSED".
Visual artist Lea Porsager will talk about her two most recent solo exhibitions STRIPPED, 2021 at Modern Art Museum in Stockholm and Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen. The lecture will unfold the spiritual, quantum theoretical, and philosophical implications of her artistic practice and how we, together with the Quantum Theorist and nuclear physicist Karen Barad, can meet the universe halfway.
Lea Porsager is currently a PhD fellow at Malmö Art Academy and Lund University with her research project Cunt - Splicing Thought - Forms - Promiscuous Play With Quantum Physics and Spirituality.

24th November 2021 - Professor and Painter Eamon o’ Kane, Bergen Art Academy in Norway.
Painting  and the Object; Recent painting and sculptural installation by Eamon O'Kane

1st December 2021 - Sculptor and professor Henrik B. Andersen, Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania. 
Formating Invisible Attractors and the Conditions for the Creations of the Artwork. The Secret Dimension of the Artwork