2020/2021 spring semester

The studies at my department were very well structured and organised. I always knew who to contact and who could answer my questions. What I liked best was the communication with the lecturers. There was always an open and helpful atmosphere and I felt well looked after.

Fine Arts Studies and Curatorship, BA (Vilnius)



I was pleasantly surprised by the cooperation level of VAA professors. Even though our perception of the subjects was a little bit different due to the specific of our academies, we could find the middle ground and cooperate with maximum profit for both sides. It was useful for me as for animator to observe another point of view on animation as a tool, which can be used not only for traditional storytelling but also for more experimental purposes. I am also thankful for the language support, as some lessons were changed to English specifically for Erasmus students.

Animation, BA (Vilnius)


2020/2021 autumn semester


I really liked the studies here and felt very good. The professors were very nice and helped the foreign students to get to know the subject and culture more. Also when we started to plan a exhibition everyone was very open minded, which I liked the most. I am looking forward to visit great Vilnius again one day.

Fine Arts Studies and Curatorship, BA (Vilnius)

2019/2020 spring semester


Being in Lithuania as an international student has been incredibly amazing! I felt so welcome at VDA Klaipeda Faculty, the academy has such a friendly vibe it feels like a family. Teachers and students are super kind and will help you with anything you’ll need! I am also amazed by the country and its nature, you will be charmed with beautiful forests, lakes, beaches, dunes, etc. Vilnius, being the capital city, is the best for nightlife, you will enjoy dancing, good restaurants, and bars to go out with your friends, but in Klaipeda you will also find really nice spots around town for really nice and fun nights out! ESN group is also constantly doing events for students and they are really fun, I recommend you to join anything they propose! I take with me tons of memories, moments and great friendships, I am extremely thankful for everything!

Catalina Contreras Rock, Interior Design, VIAAD, Mexico


I am really happy and satisfied to have chosen Vilniaus dailės akademija as my study training destination. The very well trained professors have been able to follow and suggest me in the best way along my artistic path, even during the quarantine period because of Covid-19, thanks to the video lessons and emails.

Also the students and the city itself have stimulated me a lot in my personal research, allowing me a great inner growth.

Camilla Cerioni, Academy of Fine Arts Macerata, Italy


Among the other Erasmus cities, little Vilnius may not be the most trendy. But in Italy we use to say: “nella botte piccola c’è il vino buono” (in the small barrel, there’s the good wine). My experience here confirmed this proverb.

The facilities, the possibilities, and the availability that the university offers are the greatest advantage that the student can take. And they are not so easy to find in other contexts.

The student who wants to test himself, experiment, and work independently has this opportunity here. It is therefore essential to be motivated, to be ready to work on projects, whose fuel is individual commitment.

The university acts as a support infrastructure, in the widest meaning, with helpful teachers, and amazing workshops.

To study here, you have to slightly move "East", and it is not just a physical displacement. There is the possibility to face a new design reality and therefore slowly taking on a new project awareness, linked to the hybridization of disciplines and contexts, to experimentation and individual practice.

Vilnius is small, on a human scale; if it is almost simple to understand its geography, it is more complex to perceive its multifaceted identity. Therefore, this city of a still little known country becomes an excellent companion to understand your own identity.

Alessio Zoni, Politecnico di Milano, Italy


2019/2020 autumn semester


My Erasmus at the VDA was one of my best experiences. Vilnius is gorgeous and I felt very comfortable in this city since day one - even in the cold, rainy winter. Besides of my main department project I could participate in many interesting and creative optional subjects which were organised for Erasmus only. I had no problems in communicating with my teachers and fellow students who were always helpful by also treating me like a local. The VDA helps you in becoming a better artist for example by offering you personal studios, tools or even exhibitions. I absolutely recommend the VDA and Lithuania as a destination.

Quang Anh Nguyen, Interior Design, Detmolder Schule für Architektur und Innenarchitektur, Germany


I had wonderful time in Vilnius.  It was a great opportunity to meet young artists from all over the world. We organized together few interesting art events, trips and parties. With lot of these people I'm still staying in touch. The city is beautiful and has an amazing atmosphere and really rich cultural life. (Remember to ask about free tickets to theater! )  In VAA I also had the opportunity to discover new techniques that I had never tried before. Such as ceramics, printmaking and stained glass making process. All of these studios have really good equipment and lecturers are very kind and helpful. I highly recommend this experience :)

Natalia Krynicka, University of the Arts Poznań, Poland


2018/2019 autumn semester


The school has all the equipment we need, the lecturers are as interesting as the courses proposed and we are treated the same as local student, that is really pleasant.

Julie Réveillon, E.S.A.A.T, Roubaix, France


My Erasmus at VAA was a great experience ! All the teachers and students were very kind and it was a pleasure to spend time in this academy. I had all the tools, the support and the freedom to realise great projects. Of course I would recommend everyone (who has warm clothes) to take part in exange studies at VAA and also to explore Lithuania and its wonderful culture!

Eva Moucheron, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Brussels


The school is welcoming and well organized overall. The teachers are listening and pushing your curiosity.

Anne Philippe, Higher School of Art and Design Angers


In such a short time I gained so many new skills. New to me were meetings with university graduates. It gave me a fresh look and approach to my diploma project. The class work was intense and very effective, all I learnt is very useful, such as presentation, preparation of exhibitions and my portfolio along with the website. I definitely haven't wasted my time. The professors and local students are very friendly and helpful and they make you feel include in classes and that's means a lot when you're in a different country. The university has an own kitchen, so sometimes you can feel there like at home and is also located in a very beautiful place surrounded by nature. Not mention even that everyone should go for a trip to Nida and fall in love forever with Lithuania!

Monika Orlikowska, Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź


My first exchange at VDA was in 2016/2017, I stayed for 9 months. The Academy environment was very inspiring and proactive for my works, that's why I decided to apply for a second Erasmus+ programme in Vilnius. Once again I had the confirmation of high standard education, it was the perfect place for me to research and develop my Bachelor degree project. I absolutely recommend VDA as a destination, both for the Academy and the beautiful city of Vilnius.

Ottavia Catenacci, Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino (IT)


I think it's worth to study at VDA. Here you can find great atmosphere to learn a lot of things, hard working students and teachers, that generally speak English, are open to answer for your (even neverending) questions. Student's dormitory is nice, good conditions and price isn't bad. Moreover, it is not only about Academy, you can met here in Vilnius a lot of gentle people, and visit many beautiful places.

Marta Raczak, University of Adam Mickiewicz, Fine Arts and Pedagogy in Kalisz, Poland


It's a good environment for international students to realise their projects. It's also an open minded atmosfer for the people from different cultural backgrounds.

Mehmet Hakan, Ozcan, University of Arts Poznan


2017/2018 spring semester


I didn't have any problems with communication, teachers, staff speak English really good. In most of cases they were open minded, willing to help and to offer their knowledge and experience. Atmosphere was really cosy and I felt like a part of academy's society.

Kinga Bartniak, Wrocław Academy of Art and Design


First of all, the city is marvelous! I really enjoyed the city. My study at the VAA was really interesting! My mentor was perfect, he really helped me a lot and I was sure I can always call him if I need to. Also the professors were really nice and I had a great time. Besides that it was a super interesting way to study, I worked and learned a lot and it was intense.

Lea, Hochschule Düsseldorf


The difference between French art school and Lithuanian arts school is just huge, we don't have the same way of working at all, it's a very nice experience to know that way of work.

Gil Zinck, École Nationale Supérieure d'Art et de Design de Nancy


It was an experience that helped me become more mature and see the project with a different eye, develop them in a new way. I learned new ways to see things, and now I can put together the two ways I now know to create something new.

Maria Teresa Vigorelli, Politecnico di Milano


2017/2018 autumn semester


Well, I am in painting department. The whole year I felt easy, welcomed and relaxed. Dormitory is near the main building, food and coffee in canteen is good and cheap. Lessons made for erasmus students are of all kinds, so beside my main subject- painting, I could try graphics and felt art. All the teachers were nice and helpful as well as mentors. I also have to mention how wonderful is the city through the day and especially through the night. There is also this great possibility to travel around, Nida was charming!

Nikola Šušovicová, Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava


It was a very nice and inspiring experience that have brought new ideas for my next studies/works (even though I was a bit lost in chaos at the beginning). Also there are very kind and open-minded people and I'm happy I have met them.

Michaela Tkadleček, Academy of Fine Arts Munich


I learned a lot here. Academy has good equipment and great mentors.

Natalia Leocho, University of Art in Poznań


The structure is pretty good to get works done and there are a lot of possibilities thanks to the laboratories, which have good tools and stuff.

Alfonso Russo, Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli