Vilnius Faculty Spring 2020

The spring semester in Vilnius Faculty begins on 1st February.
Steps to compose your exchange study plan:
- choose subjects from ONE particular study programme. Mixing among subjects from different study programmes is not possible.
- add any optional subjects of your choise.
- please limit up to 30 ECTS per semester.

Optional subjects for exchange students
Study language: English
Optional subjects are intended for exchange and foreign students only.

Cycle Code Title (please follow the link for description) ECTS





Art in Public Space

Art in Public Space



BA&MA HB0219 Basics of Lithuanian language BA and MA 3
BA&MA MB0410 Bookbinding 3
BA&MA MB1854 The Art of Painting on Glass  3
BA&MA MB0273 Calligraphy 3
BA&MA MB1975 Culture Management for Artists  3
MA MM0402 Theory and Discursive Practice with Ian Damerell  3

Optional subjects available in partner Vilnius University (please follow the link)

Study programmes
Study language: Lithuanian, individual consultations in English.
Exchange students are integrated into study groups with degree students.

Code Title (please follow the link for description) ECTS
Animation BA  
MB0515  Animation 4 (spring) 9
MB0517  Animation 6 (spring) 12
MB0507  Sound expression and technologies 2 (spring) 3
MB0503  Artist's Career Management 6
Architecture integrated studies (BA+MA)  
MV0021 Visual expression 2 (spring) 6
MV0003 Basics of architectural design (spring) Basics of Architectural Design (MV0003) 6
MV0004 Volume-spatial composition and colour science (spring) 6
TV0015 Computer-aided design methods 2 (spring) 3
MV0023 Visual expression 4 (MV0023) 6
MV0006 Project of a Public Recreational Object in the Natural Environment (MV0006) 12
TV0016 Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Design (TV0016) 3
MV0026 Innovative Methods of Computer Modeling and Publicity (MV0026) 3
MV0008 Project of a Public Building in a Historic Environment (MV0008) 12
TV0004 Environmental planning (TV0004) 3
MV0010 Project of Multi-Functional Complex in a Urban Situation (MV0010) 12
Ceramics BA  
MB0009 Ceramic technology 2 (spring) 3
MB0113 Ceramic outdoor burning (spring) 3
MB0021  Contemporary trends in ceramics (spring) 3
MB0119 Practical laboratory of ceramics 3 (spring) 3
MB0023 Ceramic creative project 6 (spring) 12
Ceramics MA  
MM0409 Design 2 (spring) 8
MM0417 Graduation project (spring) 27
MM0412 Speciality technology (spring) 6
Costume Design BA   
MB0455 Fashion Design 4 (spring) 10
MB0458 Fashion Design 6 (spring) 10
TB0013 Pattern Making and Draping 6 (spring) 5
MB2113 Technical drawing and documentation (spring) 3
TB0080 Computer-aided modeling (spring) 3
MB2040 Style studies (spring) 3
MB2114 Fashion portfolio (spring) 3
MB2045 Fashion Communication (spring) 3
MB1976 Innovative Entrepreneurship (spring) 3
TB0011 Pattern-making and Draping 4 (spring) 5
Costume Design MA  
MM0103  Fashion Trends Forecasting (spring) 5
MM0101  Fashion Design: Designing 2 (spring) 10
Design BA    
MB0183 Product Design 2 (spring) 9
MB1943 Computer aided design 2 (CAD 2) (spring) 6
MB1565 Design Sketching  (spring) 3
MB2119 Design workshop 3 (spring) 3
MB1941 Graphic Design 2 (spring) 3
MB1938 Product Design 4 (spring) 9
MB1976 Innovative Entrepreneurship (spring) 3
MB1946 Graphic Design 4 (spring) 6
MB1948 Product and Spatial Design 2 (spring) 9
MB1936 Visual Narrative (spring) 3
MB0703 Production Technologies (spring) 3
MB0691 Materials and Manufacturing Technologies 1(spring)) 3
MB1322 Design Portfolio (spring) 3
MB2121 Design workshop 5 (spring) 3
Design MA  
MM0540 Experimental Design Lab 2 (spring) 12
MM0563 Branding (spring) 6
MM0492 Food Design (spring) 6
Graphics BA  
MB0254 Visual expression. Analysis (spring)  6
MB0270 Graphic Project. Reflection (spring)  9
MB0410 Bookbinding (spring) 3
MB1288 Illustration (spring) 3
MB1041 Graphic Techniques (spring) 3
Graphics MA  
MM0051 Creative project. Reflection (spring) 9
MM0527 Work of art - Space – Exposition 2 (spring) 6
MM0457 Calligraphic Project (spring) 6
MM0456 The Conceptual Printmaking (spring) 6
Graphic Design BA  
MB0241 Typography (spring) 6
MB1991 Graphic design 4 (spring) 12
MB1997 Graphic design 6 (spring) 12
MB0276 Type design (spring) 6
MB1763  Self iniciated project (spring) 6
MB1147 Design based insight creative workshop (spring) 3
MB1999 Packaging design 3
MB1998 Interactive design 3
Interior Design BA  
MB0324 Computer-Aided Design 3 (spring) 3
MB2134 Design 2 (spring) 6
MB0348 Design 4 (spring) 12
Monumental Arts (fresco-mosaic and stained glass) BA  
MB0441 Stained glass composition and a technique 6 (spring) 9
MB1188  Stained Glass Composition and Technique 4 (spring) 6
MB0289 Painting (fresco) 2 (spring) 6
MB0298 Painting (fresco) 6 (spring) 6
MB0369 Fresco Composition and techniques: al fresco 2 (spring) 6
MB0373 Fresco Composition and Mixed Technique 4 (spring) 6
MB0377 Monumental Art Composition and New Techniques 6 (spring) 9
Monumental Arts (fresco-mosaic and stained glass) MA  
MM0352  Artistic Research 1 (fresco-mosaic) 15
MM0354  Artistic Research 3 (fresco-mosaic) 15
Painting BA  
MB0583 Creative project 2 (spring) 3
MB0588 Creative project 4 (spring) 6
MB0591 Creative project 6 (spring) 9
MB0586 Painting 4 (spring) 6
MB0587 Painting 6 (spring) 6
MB0653 Interdisciplinary expression 1 (spring) 3
MB0598 Interdisciplinary expression 3 (spring) 3
Painting MA  
MM0200 Formation of piece of art conception, workshops 2 (spring)  
MM0230 Creative Project 2 (spring)  
Photography and Media Arts BA  
MB2124 Creative Project 2 (spring) 15
MB0507 Sound expression and technologies 2 (spring) 3
MB2099 Curating and Collaborating 3
MB0503 Artist's Career Management 6
Photography and Media Arts MA  
MM0018 Project Development 2. Seminars (spring) 15
Scenography BA  
MB0461 Painting (set design) 4 (spring) 6
MB0470 Scenographic Composition and Stage Costume 2 (Dramatic text analysis) (spring) 6
MB0473 Scenographic Composition and Stage Costume (Interactive theater, video installation) 4 (spring) 6
Scenography MA  
MM0333 Creative project (stage designing) 2 (spring) 6
MM0330 Visual Language of Performance 2 (spring) 9
Sculpture BA  
MB1102 Contemporary sculpture 2 (spring) 15
MB0164 Research of expression 2 (spring) 3
MB1684 Contemporary sculpture 4 (spring) 18
MB0166 Research of expression 4 (spring) 3
MB1103 Contemporary sculpture 6 (spring) 21
MB0168 Visualization of plane 6 (spring) 3
MB0198 The final work (spring) 21
MB0170 Visualization of the plane 8 (spring) 3
Sculpture MA  
MM0317  MM0317 Contemporary sculpture 2 (spring) 18
MM0029 MM0029 Imaging plane of the strategies (spring) 3
MM0368 MM0368 Artistic study, seminars 2 (spring) 3
MM0034  MM0034 The final work (spring) 27
MM0370 MM0370 Artistic study, seminars 4 (spring) 3
Textile BA
MB2101 Textile 2 (spring) 3
MB0388 Experimental Fabrics (spring) 3
MB0387 Textile 4 (spring) 9
MB2034 Textile 6 (spring) 6