Telšiai Faculty Autumn 2019

Study programmes
Study language: Lithuanian, individual consultations in English.
Exchange students are integrated into study groups with degree students.

Code Title (please follow the link for description) ECTS
Metal Art and Jewelry BA  
MB1242 Introduction to Metal Art 6
TB0043 Archaic Technologies 3
Sculpture BA  
MB0995 Basics of Photography 3
MB1241 Contemporary Sculpture 3
MB0913 Sculpture and Technology 12
MB0916 Sculpture and Technology 6
MB0997 Metal Plastics 3
MB1654 Experimental Sculpture 3
MB1304 Practical Training of Contemporary Art Technologies 3
Design BA    
MB0882 Digital Technologies (2D) 3
MB0884 Digital Technologies (3D) 3
MB0904 Interpretation of Antique Furniture 9
MB0898 Designing and Restoration of Furniture and Interior Elements 9
MB1523 Construction and Experimental Workshops 3
MB1251 Visual Communications 3
Fashion Design BA  
MB1007 Fashion History and Theory 3
MB1490 Basics of Composition 9
MB1978 Traditional technology 3
MB0807 Items of clothing design 9
MB0814 Construction and Technology 3
MB1251 Visual Communications 3
MB1283 Experimental design 9
MB1013 Calligraphy Project 3
MB1248 Experimental Textile 3
MB0822 Accessories Design 3
MB1309 Graphic Expression 3
MB1650 Stage Costume 3
MB1308 Creative Portfolio 3
MB0830 Speciality Practical Training: Heritage 6