VAA gallery 5 malūnai

The exhibition explores the connection between painting and printmaking.
The painting of Jogintas Čepulis, whose performance technique overlaps with the xylography technique, will be extended by the performance of Kotryna Navickaitė's graphic print. It is the creation of work through the destruction of work, analyzing the possibilities and limits of the relationship between two people. There are certain extremes, after which it is impossible to restore the order that existed before. However, a new order is created, and the old one remains only in memory. This is an exhibition about moving forward, when people can help each other.

The exhibition begins with an opening, during which there will be poetry readings and an exhibition of the painting. A week later there will be a printmaking event that will transform the look of the exhibition.
Painting is eradicated, and space is given to printmaking.

opening - March 20 th 18:30
making of the print - March 27 th from 10:00
closing - March 31 st 17:00