Exhibition Spaces "5 malūnai"

“5 malūnai” – experimental, exposition, self-curating, exhibition space at Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA)

Gallery "5 malūnai" was established in 2014, VAA New building (near the river Vilnelė, crossing the Fluxus bridge). With location i.e. exact address – Malūnų str. 5. – is associated the name of the gallery.

The purpose of the gallery is to promote artistic, social, interdisciplinary project activities of Vilnius Academy of Arts students, to encourage experimentation and to become more open and visible to themselves and the public. Although the Academy owns at least several galleries in Vilnius, "5 Mills" stands out for its unique location, which connects the gallery's identity and concept: everyone entering or leaving VAA New building – becomes a spectator and/or participant of the current exhibition. It is a space for self-examination and encouragement before you enter city, state and world galleries.

Gallery "5 malūnai" is open for artistic statements, manifests, collaborative workshops and internship presentations from all VAA and foreign art academies, universities students. Professional Lithuanian and international artists present their exhibitions, installations and curatorial projects here as well. And we are proud of this!

Those who wish to exhibit at "5 malūnai" are invited to fill in the application form

Space is curated by:
Marija Marcelionytė-Paliukė
+370 614 27679