Rasa Jančiauskaitė

2023 03 03 – 18
Gallery 5 MALŪNAI, Malūnų st. 5, Vilnius
Curator: Marija Marcelionytė – Paliukė

Opening of the exhibition March 3 d. 6pm

BOOK – is the object of my creation
DOODLING – archive of freedom
CAMEL – analogy of the creative process / artistic research*

For a camel, the hump is important to survive in unfavorable circumstances. When traveling through the desert  helps to endure for a long time without food and water.
In the case of my study, the hump metaphor accommodates two opposite meanings. At one time it is a burden, an additional weight, at another time, it is a necessary element to support the creative process.
The camel allows himself to go through changing circumstances, and I travel through him.
When I go up the mountain, sometimes the sun shines, it warms, the rays dazzle, burn... sometimes it starts to rain, the wind blows and my skin shivers...
And who carries your journey?

Rasa Jančiauskaitė creates book illustrations and design. Actively participates in international book illustration projects and competitions, conducts creative workshops, teaches graphic design students. Her illustrated books have been published in Lithuania and abroad. The books "Small Poems for Little Ones" (2019) and "Home" (2021) won diplomas from the Bologna Children's Book Fair Illustrators' Exhibition. Rasa, together with the Italian design studio Chialab, created a visual identity for the 2020 Bologna Children's Book Fair.

*VAA Design doctoral studies:
Wild expression in the field of visual communication design
Rasa Jančiauskaitė (Design doctoral studies, 2nd year)
Head of the creative work of the art project: Prof. Aušra Lisauskienė
Head of the research part of the art project: Prof. Dr. Giedre Jankevičiūtė