Marija Brusokaitė solo exhibition How to hide within time

Exhibition time: September 1 – october 15, 2023
Opening: September 1, 5.30 pm. Gallery “5 malūnai“ (Malūnų str. 5, Vilnius)
Anton Zolo will play during the opening

Exhibition is composed of three major parts: animation sets Ciao, Sweetie (2021), Falling Apart at the Seams (2023) and a sequence of silkscreen prints from a project Nolens Volens (2019).

Willy-nilly from Latin, these prints appear here as quite ironic, since it’s been the most recent project I have executed using printmaking techniques. Crudely forged photo collages, over-exposed migraine auras, distinctive grimy texture, which has emerged by neglecting halftones as I reduced the image to its essence. Motifs of nature and the city, routes of walking in circles, glimpses of beloved Vilnius. Pain chained me to this process, so did I tie the series to pain, until it left my head and made a nest elsewhere.

Feverish research executed using solely a pencil on a tracing paper led to a collection of numerous sets of frames and their variants. One of these sets is exhibited here as well, with an intention to convey trial and error pulsating throughout the process of making. A creeping sense of threat is an omnipresent phenomena linking my works. Time thins out, days spent in this process produce barely a moment, and it gets increasingly hard to get out. I hide myself in time spent drawing, the pictures come alive and their raving brings out the fragility of peace. Any system is shattered and replaced as soon as it is crystalised, next frame is directed by pure chance. ‘All shall pass’ – remains the sole rule with a condition that one might leave only after bearing until end. 5 Malūnai adopts my bearing to be looped, stared at, made out in tremble or in loss of time.

Animation soundtracks, a crucial part of this project, were composed by Anton Zolo. In fact, they go perfectly with the silkscreen prints as well.

Marija Brusokaitė

Marija Brusokaitė – (b. 1997) 2021 graduated from the Bachelor of Graphics studies at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Obsessed with experimental animation for the past few years. Works in the kitchen, makes ice cream, pours tea mushroom.