Dominyka Gurskaitė
Why my fingers are still sticky and my tongue still does not wash off

these candies I ate as a child
Opening: June 2, 6 pm. Gallery “5 malūnai” (Malūnų str. 5, Vilnius).
Exhibition time: 06 02 - 07 07

There was a time when the world looked different, acted according to different rules or maybe
there were no rules at all. As if the smell was different, the look at the world was so hungry and
immediately receptive. When has it ended, imperceptibly faded away, why it was so unnameable,
childlike idealized, yet at the same time simple, why the days were so long, why my fingers are
still sticky and my tongue still does not wash off from these candies I ate as a child.

Walks in a state of childhood and creations influenced by longing for rediscovered toys, sweets, discarded furniture that has already been thrown away and people that remain in memory. Creating has turned into a journey through bygone days. It started with small searches from the past: old, unexposed video tapes, photos, tablecloths or cracked, incomplete set of tableware. In my work, I want to find what excites me. There was a desire to capture in a drawing what I remember but no longer have, to appropriate it in this way, to make it for myself, and later, when it subsides, to forget it. As if forgetting or letting is the next step after longing. (Re)creation of my childhood: catching its fragments in order to delay them, the ones that I already forgot – reflect on them anew and to create the ones I do not have. I want to transport to the recent past, to collect childhood experiences from those born in the new millennium through memories. As if nothing seemed to change, but suddenly everything was different.

Life in the yard, building dollhouses all day until a game that never happens, toys insidiously taken away, first injustices experienced, chalks on the asphalt, a tireless path to the grocery store and hands that is always sticky.
The exhibition is the final work of the VDA Bachelor of Graphic Arts, part of the VDA
Graduation show and the Culture Night festival programme.

Curator and final project supervisor: prof. Marija Marcelionytė-Paliukė