Exhibition Spaces "5 malūnai"

After five years activity, we declare that:

• It is the safest VAA gallery: 24 hours it is guarded by Academy watchmens;

• It is the VAA gallery with longest working hours and no days off;

• It is the most visited gallery of VAA: anyone entering the VAA New building (Malūnų str. 5) almost "bumps" into an exhibition, work or reference;

• and again, it is the safest gallery of VAA, but in another sense. If something goes wrong, there is an unwritten agreement that it is still an experimental, expositional space;

• It is the most flexible gallery of all VAA galleries, because it operates without a strict pre-exhibition plan, purely from the idea and deep faith in creativity, but maybe that's why something happens here all the time;

• It is the freest gallery of VAA. There is no need to interpret this statement because freedom is understood by everyone in their own way.