Nowadays we are all stuck in time and waiting for the unknown, with no references to clarity. We have an option of bluntly following the news with our hands folded, but the creative nature of a man is constantly making jokes and looking for solutions.

In the VAA gallery ‘5 Mills’ we have bleached and moved the walls, having transformed the space from various angles, and are offering it to students', young and professional artists’ future (!) exhibition projects. They have an opportunity to present their sketches of ideas as well as virtual space occupation experiments, implemented with the use of computer programmes.

You can view the ‘5 Mills’ gallery space’s variations as well as do a test of your exhibition exposition here.

You are very welcome to send your virtual exhibitions and space transformations by e-mail to 5malunai@vda.lt, together with an attached annotation in English, an exhibition poster, information about the author and his/her artworks (exhibited works can be submitted as a catalogue in a Pdf format or as separate photos with metrics in a Jpg format).

The exhibitions will be presented in the section WHILE EVERYONE IS AT HOME on the VAA website, under gallery ‘5 mills’, and they will be as real as we are used to see them. No doubt, we will organize openings of the exhibitions too!

Let’s be inventive WHILE EVERYONE IS AT HOME!