1995-1998: one of the first collective research projects by the Institute “The Idiosincracy of Arts Culture in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania” (the Research Council of Lithuania, project leader dr. Rūta Janonienė), 1998: “Monastic Influence“ programme in the framework of European Cultural Routes (Council of Europe, project leader dr. Rūta Janonienė, with Dalia Klajumienė participating), later on developed into the educative documentaries project “Ancient Monasteries of Lithuania” (2006-2009, supported by: the Directorate for the Commemoration of the Millennium of Lithuania under the Auspices of the Office of the President of the Republic of Lithuania; the Culture and Sport Support Fund of the Republic of Lithuania; Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania; project leader dr. Dalia Klajumienė, with dr. Rūta Janonienė and dr. Tojana Račiūnaitė participating).

2001-2003: the interdisciplinary project in collaboration with other fields of humanities “Resources of Spiritual Culture of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania”, supported by the Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation (project leader dr. Tojana Račiūnaitė; with. dr. Rūta Janonienė, dr. Rūta Butvilaitė, dr. Jolita Liškevičienė, and dr. Dalia Klajumienė participating). The project included search for resources important for the cultural history and the notion of art in GDL, followed by translations, analysis, commenting and publishing. The project aimed to research available resources in order to reconstruct the notion of art and the then society’s relation to visual culture, focusing on 17–18th centuries. Other projects related to old resources: analysis, interpretation and publishing of St. Josaphat Kuntsevych hagiographical and iconographical resources (2008 and 2013-2014, project leader dr. Jolita Liškevičienė), which resulted in the collective monograph “Images from the Life of St. Josaphat Kuntsevych: The Facsimile, Translation and Study of a 17th Century Resource” (ed. by dr. Jolita Liškevičienė, 2014).

A group of projects was dedicated to Lithuanian manor studies. The project “Lithuanian Manors: The Research of Culture and Historical Sources” (2006, Lituanistic research project supported by the Lithuanian State Science and Studies Foundation, project leader dr. R. Butvilaitė; with dr. R. Janonienė participating) developed into editing and publishing of the multi-volume publication “Lithuanian Manors” (dr. R. Butvilaitė, dr. M. Iršėnas).

The researchers of the Institute also make individual research projects as well as participate in projects initiated by other research institutions.


International Conference ''The Material Body of the Book: Between Tradition and Innovation'' 2020
International Conference "Interwar Vilnius: Shapes of Art and Architecture in 1919–1939" 2019
International Conference "Arts in the State – The State in Arts" 2018
Conference "Gardens: Traditions, Images and Symbols in Lithuanian Culture" 2017
International Conference "(De)Coded History in Architecture" 2016
International Conference "The Body: Out of Time and Without a Place" 2015
International Conference "Mural Painting in Secular Buildings: Relevant Theories, Methods and Problems of Restoration" 2015
The international academic conference “Lithuania – Italy: Centuries-old Relationships” was organized in collaboration with the National Museum the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, Vilnius University and the Lithuanian Institute of History 2014
International Conference “Secular Interiors: Idea, Décor, Design” 2013
International Conference “Cult Images in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania: Import and Dissemination” 2012
Conference “Royal Component of Lithuanian Culture: Images, Symbols, Relics” (2011) 2011
Conference “Celestial Patrons and Terrestrial Benefactors” 2010
Conference “Artistic Vilnius: Influences and Images” 2009
Conference “The Artwork: Surface, Figure, Meaning” 2008
Conference “Lithuanian Manors: The Research of Culture and Historical Sources” 2007
Conference “Celebrations and Everyday Life in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and its Contexts” 2006
Conference “The 100th Anniversary of Liudvikas Strolis  and Stasys Ušinskas” 2005
Conference “Relics of the Saints in Lithuanian Culture” 2005
Conference “A Prototype and a Copy” 2004
Conference “Historical Reality and Illusion” 2003
Conference “Laurynas Gucevičius and his era” 2003
Conference “Image and Narrative” 2002
Conference “The type and the Individual in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania” 2001
Conference “Baroque in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania” 1997