The Institute of Art Research of Vilnius Academy of Arts was founded in 1994.

The Institute is comprised of Departments of Art History Research, Cultural Heritage Research, Architecture and Design Research, and Contemporary Art Research, with seventeen researchers working in them.

The Institute is located next to the Tamošaičiai Museum, Dominikonų str. 15, Vilnius, together with VAA publishing house, with which it closely collaborates and coordinates the publishing of the periodic peer-reviewed publication Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis.

Main activities of the Institute include: academic research; initiating, coordinating and managing research projects; participating in Lithuanian and international research programmes; distributing and promoting research; organizing national and international academic conferences; participating in VAA study process.

Fields of academic research: prehistoric art of the Baltic region; art and related cultural phenomena in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 15–18th century; culture of Lithuanian manors; Lithuanian art in the 19–20th century; architecture, interior and design research; contemporary art.

The researchers of the Institute participate in the education process of VAA by giving lectures, supervising term papers and final theses, bearing part in the process of doctoral studies and committees, preparing methodological handouts and handbooks, and collaborating with other VAA departments.