Koen Snoeckx kūrybinės dirbtuvės

Kūrybinių dirbtuvių „Nuo projekto iki produkto - kelionė per kirmgraužą“ (eng. From conceptual project to applied product or service - a journey through the wormhole) metu dalyviai sužinos apie naujai sukurtą sistemą, kuri gali padėti įvairiems suinteresuotiesiems subjektams suprasti, kaip konceptualūs projektai (pvz., meniniai tyrimai, koncepcinis dizainas ir t.t.) gali padėti pritaikyti produktus ir paslaugas.Sistemą įkvėpė NASA technologinio pasirengimo lygiai, o ją toliau kūrė kultūros ir kūrybos pramonei.

Kūrybines dirbtuves studentams ir dėstytojams ves lektorius iš Belgijos Koen Snoeckx.

Dirbtuvės vyks spalio 12 d. 12.00 val., Maironio g. 3, 112 aud., Vilnius.
Paskaita vyks anglų kalba (daugiau informacijos - žemiau).

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Lektorius į Vilniaus dailės akademiją atvyksta pagal Erasmus+ programą.

In the workshop, participants will learn about a newly developed framework that can help a variety of stakeholders to understand how conceptual projects (e.g. artistic research, conceptual design…) can give birth to applied products and services. The framework is inspired by NASA’s technology readiness levels and was further developed for the cultural and creative industries by Luscinus (B) en Baltan Laboratories (Eindhoven, NL) in the framework of the Interreg Europe RegionArts project.

Context / Problem statement: The workshop starts from the observation that there is often a gap between the worlds of conceptual and artistic research and that of innovation and applied research and development. Both worlds have different starting points, motivational rivers and end goals. Nevertheless, there is a lot of untapped potential in creating bridges and cross-fertilization between these worlds. For example, artistic research and conceptual design can be a great inspiration to arrive at more impactful and sustainable products and services.

Solution: To facilitate the dialogue between the two realities described above and to enable more and more impactful cross-fertilization and crossovers, we propose a common framework on which all actors around the table can map their projects, progress and goals. Through such framework, the mutual understanding will increase and a foundation of trust can be laid to collaborate within each other’s realities.

Key learnings: after the workshop, participants (in this case art students and teachers) will gain the following knowledge and skills:

  • Understanding of the original TRL scheme by NASA and its value for a wider audience
  • Understanding of the gap between the worlds of conceptual and artistic research versus innovation and applied R&D
  • Understanding of their own position and aspirations within this reality
  • Understanding of the newly developed framework that bridges the gap between these two worlds
  • Ability to position themselves on the framework and to express their projects, progress, values and ambitions towards external stakeholders.

About Koen Snoeckx:

Operating from within his own company "Luscinus" since 2017, Koen Snoeckx calls himself "Collision Maker": facilitating interactions between specialists from the Cultural and Creative Industries and many other realms of expertise. Be it as public speaker, mentor, sparring partner or through his own projects such as the management of a creative hub. As such, he helps companies, organizations and policy makers who want to leave a positive trace. By setting up contexts for unexpected collaborations and outcomes, "Luscinus" releases the energy to create the fundamental insights that will enable us to build the economic, political, ecological and societal models of tomorrow.

Graduated Master in Biochemistry, with a post-Master in Journalism and a teacher’s degree, Koen worked the majority of his career in the communications departments of high-tech research centers. First at imec in Leuven (Belgium), later at Holst Centre in Eindhoven (the Netherlands), where - as member of the MT - he headed the communications department. Between 2014 and 2017, Koen was Director of Baltan Laboratories (Eindhoven), co-founder of Creative Lab Brainport (Eindhoven), Chairman-Director of Creative Ring (international non for profit) and founder of Creative Ring Eindhoven. Also, he was involved in a cultural startup and in an award-winning restaurant business.

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