This part is for Graphics MA programme ambassadors for promoting programme self-analysis and the social partners, who are looking for illustrators, designers and layout editors of publications, exhibition participants, the workshop leaders and like-minded. It is an active, open and ever expanding.

The current and former students to share their learning and self-creative process cases to visualize the course itself is very important and its creators.

With active approaches to current and future professional work we can observe and analyze how much and what kind of studies acquired knowledge and skills are used, further developed or transformed psirinktoje professional sphere and / or work.

The graduates of the programme who enter into permanent employment agreements or work on basis of author agreements are mainly employed by the publishing houses (Lithuanian Publishers’ Association has 45 members). The alumni of the course are employed as art directors, they do design, layout of publications and create illustrations. The teachers of the Department of Graphics also have labour relations with most of these publishers and can apply the sense of the real pulse of the market when training the specialists.