Sunshine. So installation by Birgitte Munk (Denmark) and Marija Marcelionyté-Paliuké (Lithuania), VAA Graphic Art department associate professor, realised on 4-26 October, 2019, at Enter Artspace platform for local and international contemporary art, Arrhus, Denmark.

Installation view

The site-specific installation Sunshine. So far… is about layering ideas of the artists, Birgitte Munk (Denmark) and Marija Marcelionyté-Paliuké (Lithuania), who met in Australia in spring during a printmaking residency. Using their different and/or similar artistic approaches, they inspire and influence each other to create new works in a wide range of medias that comes together in a complete installation. We invite you to enter and look for answers by interacting with the space, the artwork, and the artists, while drowning peacefully on the sofa.


Installation details

During Artist Talk Accidents and/or artist’s strategy. How ideas are born? Marija Marcelionytė-Paliukė told about the creative process and how ideas are born. Marija is the head of Graphic Art department in Vilnius Academy of Arts, and she explains: ‘I enjoy being a creator, a thinker and a teacher. I love to share my experiences and be inspired by these exchanges’.

Artist talk held by M. Marcelionytė-Paliukė

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Photo credit Ib Sørensen.

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